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rockboard scooter

In today’s day and age where a large majority of children seem to have everything they could dream of, from the newest game consoles to a mobile phone, it can be difficult as a parent to know what to buy them. Parents are also increasingly concerned that their children are spending too much time inside and not enough time outdoors. On a mission to provide today’s youth with fun ways to...[Read More]

Brush Buddies

A beautiful, bright and white smile is a gift you can give your children year-round. Santa is so excited about brushing; he is planning to stuff their Christmas stocking with fun oral health gifts that will help them learn more about maintaining their dental health. A New Toothbrush Who doesn’t enjoy a new toothbrush? Brush Buddies make brushing teeth super fun. The company has developed a wide ra...[Read More]

VIolight Rockee Toothbrush

Kid’s of the 70’s might recall the ever so popular catchphrase used in advertising “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.” Rockee, wobbles, but they don’t fall down. They are not weebles, but they are a fun new toothbrush that puts fun into brushing teeth, while making sink messes a thing of the past. And since they always stand upright, Rockee tooth brushes...[Read More]

baby thermometers

Winter flu season has yet to arrive and illness is already becoming a regular thing in our house. Preschool is a germ pool! All it takes is for one child to bring a virus to school for the spread to begin. My daughter started school last month and has already had strep-throat, and now has a viral infection. An accurate thermometer is an essential first-aid tool for parents. There are a lot of diff...[Read More]

Treehouse gummy vitamins

In today’s busy world of hectic work, school, and after school recreational activities, it is understandable that not all children receive all the essential vitamins and minerals their bodies need. In addition, if you have a child that is a picky eater they are most likely not getting all the vitamins they require either. For some children, getting them to try new foods can be like pulling t...[Read More]

Compression stockings are specialized hosiery items that provide graduated pressure on the lower leg and foot. Unlike traditional stockings, compression socks, such as TherapyPlus ladies knee high socks, are made from a super-strong elastic material that fits very tightly at the feet and less tightly up by the knee. This compression ensures that blood does not pool in the feet and ankle areas, but...[Read More]

FeverMates by Mediband is a child friendly fever indicator recommended for children 12 months and up, which allows parents to monitor their child’s temperature up to 48 hours. Available in an eight pack, the hypoallergenic adhesive fever indicator sticker is to be applied to your child’s forehead, though it can also be applied to the shoulder blades, under the arm or on the chest. Thes...[Read More]

Stay Hydrated This Summer As summer temperatures heat up, be sure that you are staying hydrate by drinking enough fluids. Dehydration is the root cause of heat related illnesses such as heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. Dehydration occurs when your body loses significant amount of fluids along with essential salts and minerals. On hotter days it is important to consume more water. The...[Read More]

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