ways to include mom in wedding

Now that you’ve shared your engagement news with your families, everyone wants to pitch in to make your wedding day special. However, none are as enthusiastic as your mom. It seems she’s been planning this wedding for you in her head since you were a little girl, and you dread she’ll take over. While you’re grateful that she’s offered, it’s your day and you want to be in charge of most of th...[Read More]


There is nothing wrong with growing older. In fact, there is something very right about it. We should all be so lucky. There is something magical about grey hair that makes you instantly and unquestionably wise. It doesn’t matter if you really are wise, people just assume you are. And there is power in that. With age comes more experience. You know more things, because you have seen and done more ...[Read More]

Starting a Women’s Blog in a Woman’s World

These days,  women’s blogs are everywhere. With women’s issues front and center in the news lately, readers want to hear more about women’s views on a variety of topics. Male occupations and professions are now inviting women to become sports commentators and education bloggers. Starting a Women’s Blog is rather easy. Women who want tips on how to start a blog may want to c...[Read More]

How Working Mothers Can Deal With The Stress of a Promotion

To whom much is given, much is required. You worked your butt off for this promotion, but now that you finally got it, the pressures of being good at what you accomplish can be enough to stress you out. While some stress can be the very driving force behind your performance, too much of it could stagnate your progress and steer you further from your goals. Though stress and frustration go with the...[Read More]

raise more confident children

In a world where positive attention is given to the “most attractive, most brilliant, and capable” individuals, losing sight of ones sense of self can be challenging. This is true for adults, so imagine what it must be like for our child(ren)? When a child is going through lots of changes and learning who they are among their peers, their own views and those of society can take a toll on their sel...[Read More]

Baby Steps for Those Who Struggle With Losing Weight

Let’s just put it out there, losing weight is hard. Not only must you learn new eating habits and get more active, but it’s changing your entire mindset and removing old habits which can be hard to break. For most people, this struggle causes them to give up on the concept altogether and revert back to unhealthy habits from the past. If this sounds like you, perhaps taking baby steps can hel...[Read More]


Falling in love is a beautiful thing. Eventually, most people who fall in love, get married. It’s now considered to be totally acceptable for men or women to be the ones to propose. Since women proposing is not as common as men proposing, it can be hard for a woman to know all of the steps that she needs to take in order to propose to the man she loves. The following guide provides you with a few ...[Read More]


If you are a single woman, you have an advantage that many other women do not. When you are planning anything that is finance-related, you do not have to take into account an entire family and the needs of several people. Instead, you get to focus on yourself almost exclusively in most cases. However, this does not mean that you should not practice responsible spending habits as well. Just because...[Read More]

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