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Ultimate Guide to Recovery After Birth -postpartum recovery

Marisa L. of Good Housekeeping put it well when she wrote, “The truth is, no one can tell you exactly how birth and postpartum recovery are going to go for you: Every birth is different, and every person has their own journey on the path from pregnancy to labor and delivery to postpartum recovery.” Whether you had an easy or difficult delivery, the good news is there are three – often overlooked – ways that can help you on your journey to recovery; because let’s face it, you will experience some discomfort, exhaustion, and pain post-delivery.



Prioritize sleep if you can 

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What many women do not realize is that the body needs both physician and mental healing after giving birth. This is where sleep comes in. In order to maximize your recovery, however, you will have to allow, even ask others around you to cook and clean at times. As uncomfortable as it may feel to depend on others, you might have to make this type of compromise if you truly want to let your body heal as it should. What is more, you will have to let others take care of your baby at times, so you can get in some much needed sleep. “Especially if you’re breastfeeding and are the ‘feeder-in-chief,’ designate someone else to be the ‘soother-in-chief’ — responsible for diaper changes, swaddling, and cleaning your baby — so you can get a little more shut-eye,” says Whitney Casares, M.D.


Sitz baths can help you heal 

MamaNatural described sitz baths as “a shallow tub filled with warm water and special ingredients to cleanse and relieve pain in the perineal area.” Sitz baths have been around since 1842, and were mainly implemented to ease abdominal pain. Today, doctors and OB-GYNs advise new moms to take these type of baths on a daily basis in order to easy the discomfort and pain post-delivery. So what’s in a sitz bath? Unlike a bubble bath, a sitz bath only contains water and baking soda or salt. The reason why this type of bath is effective and helpful for moms who just gave birth is because it keeps the tender area clean without needing to use any harsh chemicals. “A sitz bath can also help relax and diminish any swelling of the internal sphincter—another common postpartum complaint.” according to experts.


This is no time to go on a diet

postpartum recovery

Some deliveries go really fast and smoothly, while others take several hours or even days. Sometimes, complications can arise, in which case it’s important for the family to seek legal help, according to legal professionals at JJS. However, in a good case scenario, in which both the mom and baby are doing well, one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked in nutrition. Both mom and baby will need nutritious and delicious food at this time in order for the body to recover and for the baby to grow. Protein rich veggies like yams and broccoli should be on the top of the list for mom, but other cravings should also be satisfied as well. More specifically, indulge in guilty pleasures like chocolate, cake, and ice cream if you feel like it. Believe it or not, it will help you heal faster.

You’ve spent nine long months waiting for the baby to arrive, and now that he/she is here, make sure to take care of yourself so that you can look after your bundle of joy in the long run.

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