House Monsters

When there is something strange lurking in your home, who you gonna call? Luki Lab! They are the creators behind six adorable cuddly House Monsters made from soft plush with a unique texture specific to each character. Each fun character comes with their own habitat representing where it lives in your house. Habitats include a […]

Kuhl’s Pup Treats

  Dog owners in my area have got it good. More and more businesses are catering to the needs of our beloved fur babies. For those of you who schedule regular meet-ups at the local dog park, tweet about your dog (s) daily lives on social media, have an Instagram account fully dedicated to your […]

Nature Bee Beeswax wraps

Canadians produce a lot of plastic waste; an estimated 3.3 million tonnes per year. Of that amount about 2.8 million tonnes of plastic waste ends up in Canadian landfills. As we approach another holiday season household waste will double especially the week following Christmas. Before you pull out the plastic to pay for even more […]

Karys Layne Candles

Karys Layne Candles are a wonderful gift as they add ambiance to any living space. With their beautiful jar and subtle release of fragrance into a room, the candle provides a stylish focal point. Each soy wax candle is delicately hand poured in Canada. The luxuriously blended candles are scented with fragrant oils, and complete […]

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