The Health Benefits Of After-School Sporting Activities For Australian Kids

Kids are under so much pressure nowadays when it comes to school and they spend around 1000 hours every single year learning many new things. This puts an incredible amount of pressure on any Australian child and it shouldn’t be the case but young kids are suffering from high stress and anxiety levels which leads to adolescent depression. As a parent, it is your job to make sure that your kids do not experience such things and so it’s time to look into after-school sporting activities as a way of them to learn and have fun as well.


This is why many parents are deciding that basketball for kids is an excellent idea because it teaches them a new skill but it also allows them to take part in an activity with kids of similar age and similar thinking. You will find that there will be a number of service providers who are more than willing to be responsible for your children after school but you need to get your name down early because these are popular.

There are a number of health benefits to after-school sporting activities for Australian kids and the following are just some of those.

  • A healthy way to blow off steam – Due to the amount of pressure that young kids are under nowadays not only been dealing with peer group pressure in real life but online as well and so something needs to give. By providing them with an after-school sporting activity, you are providing them with the perfect opportunity to relax after school and to spend productive time with people that they like. It also gets them off the sofa and gets them to put down their smartphones at least for an hour or two.
  • It helps to build their social skills – Many children rely too heavily on technology and so they spend countless hours on their smart devices surfing the Internet and playing games. This is not good for their physical and mental health and it doesn’t make them more sociable at all. If you sign your child up for an after-school basketball club then you are allowing them to learn about making new friends, building new relationships and having much better social skills.
  • They become more confident individuals – Every child needs their independence and giving them this independence turn them into more confident individuals which can only put them in good standing as they move into adult life. They need to learn about the value of sport and how they can lose sometimes. Many children are not taught the experience of coming second and it can be a real shock for them when they become adults and everything doesn’t turn out for them as they have planned.


Playing sports is also a great way for your children to be more creative and unlike in school where they are under constant pressure, playing sports is something that everyone just wants them to enjoy. Do the right thing and sign them up.


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2 thoughts on “The Health Benefits Of After-School Sporting Activities For Australian Kids

  1. Basketball and other after school activities are so good for kids. My boys played basketball, baseball and soccer.

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