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Professional Acrylic Nail Kits To Use at Home or at Your Salon

Whether you want to do a little self-care or offer a broader range of services at your salon, nail sets can help. There are several types of acrylic nail kits to choose from, so it’s important to consider which meets your needs.

From Low Odor Acrylic Nail Kits

Acrylics nails

If you love long nails, an acrylic nail kit may suit you. These kits contain everything you need for a full set:

  • Manicure brush
  • Acrylic brush
  • Protein bond
  • Finish gel
  • Nail liquid

Since everything comes in one box, you can start your manicure immediately.

Benefits of Acrylics



Acrylics rarely look natural due to their thickness and opacity. However, some people like that look, as it makes their manis stand out.

If you love intricate nail art, acrylic nails are an excellent option. You can easily create texture and even add nail charms by drilling small holes through the extension. Since the material is highly durable, you can enjoy your manicure without the risk of chipping.

Do you want to offer acrylic nails at your salon? Customers will appreciate their affordability and many customization options, from shape to color. Their low-maintenance needs also appeal to busy clients who don’t have time for daily touch-ups.

Acrylic Nail Trends

Young Nails

Social media makes it easy to keep up with the latest nail trends. 3D art is highly popular, including the addition of rhinestones, raised French tips, water droplets and bow accents. Ultra-glossy nails are also in; magnetic polish is a great way to achieve this look, as the shimmer takes shine to the next level.

To Fiber Gel Extension Kits

Gel nail polish is vastly different from acrylic, as the layers are much thinner and can’t extend the length of your nails without false tips. While more similar to regular nail polish, gel has differences in formula that require “curing” with a UV or LED lamp, as this polish doesn’t air dry.

The good news is that a kit includes the necessary lamp and gel polish. Getting the correct lamp is crucial, as the intensity and spectrum of light must correlate to the gel polish’s formula. As a result, it’s essential to double-check that gel polish will work with your lamp when purchasing it separately. Getting a kit ensures the polish is a perfect match.

Gel polish is more durable than its traditional counterpart, making it attractive to people who don’t want to paint their nails every week. However, it’s not as durable as acrylics, so you may occasionally get chips. You’ll also have to be more careful doing the following:

  • Opening soda cans
  • Pushing elevator buttons
  • Lifting heavy objects

There is a good side to the lower durability: Gel manicures are easier to take off than acrylics. You can effectively remove gel nail polish with a 20-minute soak in acetone, while acrylic requires drilling and filing to remove completely. Since there’s less friction, gel polish removal means less damage to your natural nails.

You can order a variety of salon-quality nail products online, allowing you to experiment with your manicures. From acrylic dipping powder nails to intricate gel polish nail art, there are endless styles to try.

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