Embracing Modern Motherhood Challenges And How To Overcome Them

Embracing Modern Motherhood Challenges And How To Overcome Them

During the third annual State of Motherhood survey, 97% of millennial mothers say they feel burned out by motherhood, according to Motherly. Motherhood has never been a simple task. But in the modern world, mothers encounter a combination of demanding situations. Besides kids asking tons of questions and being picky about nothing, today’s mothers deal with the complexity of a digitized family setting.

Modern parenting involves issues like losing control of what children have access to and replicating in their daily lives. Mothers also struggle to balance work and family life. As a result, they lack time for bonding with their kids. With many things occupying their minds, stressed-out working moms also have little time for self-care. While there is no one size fits all solution for modern motherhood challenges, here are some ways you can cope.

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Embrace Technology

Embracing reality is the first step to coping with the pressures of modern parenting. With that in mind, it’s unrealistic to assume getting rid of smartphones and other digital devices would make motherhood easy. As odd as it sounds, digital technologies offer numerous benefits for the modern mom. For example, organizing a virtual baby shower via mobile devices can save you time and money while sharing your happiness with family and friends.

If that’s not enough, cell phones allow you to stay connected with your kids. If you have teens, you can rest assured they have access to valuable information at their fingertips. So, rather than blame technologies for making parenthood daunting, find a way to leverage their use. Consider installing monitoring apps on mobile phones and computers. That way, you can keep your child safe and regulate how much time they spend on their personal devices.

Demonstrate a Balanced Behavior

As a modern mother, you will find yourself struggling to teach your kids good habits like healthy eating and social interaction. Modeling a balanced personality is the best way to deal with this challenge. Remember, your behavior has a lasting impression on your children. Therefore, practice a lifestyle that will build your child’s social skills and encourage healthy living. For example, when interacting with your kids, you will help them build their self-esteem by demonstrating love and respect.

Establish a Strong Parenting Relationship



Creating a strong relationship with your children should be a top priority. When you understand your kids’ needs and respect their opinions, you will create plenty of room for bonding. Knowing your kid’s intentions behind a specific action before punishing them is also crucial. Learn that trust must go both ways and they will be more likely to confide in you.

Children thrive when they have mothers who are loving, supportive, and willing to spend time with them. So, make a habit of spending quality time with your kids. Play games, go on family vacations, learn new recipes together, and exercise.

Let’s face it – raising children in this digital era can be stressful. It is a constant process that requires a commitment to help boost your child’s emotional, physical, social, and mental well-being. To cope with the challenges, every mother must embrace reality, model a balanced personality, and foster a healthy parenting relationship.


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