domestic abuse

The Impact of Domestic Abuse on Young People

Domestic abuse can have devastating and long-lasting effects. In particular, it can severely impact the well-being of young people. Let’s explore some of its potential consequences.



Domestic abuse is an unequivocally heinous crime that plagues countless individuals each year. It involves one partner exerting control and dominance over the other, often through misguided attempts at love or a complete disregard for their partner’s feelings and thoughts.

You might be wondering “is my ex a narcissist?” and honestly, it’s a valid question. It’s important to recognize that domestic abusers may exhibit narcissistic behavior, and their impact on young individuals in new relationships can be significant. Let’s explore the extent of this harm together.

What is Domestic Abuse?

Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is an umbrella term to refer to any behavior which is considered to be violent, coercive, or cruel towards a person unnecessarily. It can take a large number of forms, ranging from psychological to emotional to even physical.

The most clearly visible form of domestic abuse is physical – physical abuse can consist of physical violence or threats of violence, sexual assault, or other violent acts. It’s often done as an attempt to control a person and force them to modify their behavior or comply with a certain set of rules. There are individuals who resort to physical abuse either due to their inability to properly communicate their emotions or because they derive pleasure from exerting power over others.

The other main form of domestic abuse is emotional and psychological, which often go hand-in-hand. There are a large number of different forms that this can take, usually ranging from manipulation, gaslighting, insults, and threats to mind games. The objective of emotional domestic abuse is simply control, as the person wishes to completely dictate how life should work and what their partner can and cannot do.

The Impact of Domestic Abuse

domestic abuse


Being the victim of abuse or witnessing abuse can result in severe amounts of anxiety, depression, an increase in aggressive behavior, trust issues, and a loss of identity. It’s normal for somebody who is experiencing domestic abuse, or witnessing it to pull away from social connections, as they often feel isolated and alone. They may even start to blame themselves for what happened and what is happening, normalizing the behavior.

Domestic abuse can have severe long-term effects. While depression may persist for years after the incident, individuals who have experienced domestic abuse may also exhibit uncharacteristic behavior in future relationships and daily life.

They may blame themselves for any problems in future relationships, submit to even the slightest pressure from a new partner out of fear, or have trust issues that prevent them from forming new romantic relationships. Without proper time and professional support, these issues can persist for years, if not decades.

Resources For Domestic Abuse Victims

The Impact of Domestic Abuse

There is a growing number of resources available for people who have experienced domestic abuse. The issue is becoming much more widespread in society, so everybody from the police to the NHS has a wide range of support available.

There are various charities across the UK that exist to help domestic abuse victims. Professional counseling and support are available through the NHS and privately. In some cases, it can even be helpful just to reach out to a family member and tell them what’s been going on.

One of the biggest problems that exists with domestic abuse is people’s reluctance to seek help. Lots of victims start to take the blame for the abusive behavior or normalize it, which makes it very difficult to speak up. Others are too scared of their partner to say anything.

Seek Help If You Can

Understandably, domestic abuse can be a very scary thing to try and deal with, but it’s so important to seek help soon as possible. These situations may seem impossible or even hopeless, but escaping from them is possible.



The contents of this article are for informational purposes only. Please seek proper medical and legal support if you are a victim of domestic abuse.




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