Your Guide to a Loft Ladder Installation

Thinking of having a loft ladder installed? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this brief guide, we’ll look at what’s involved in a loft ladder fitting, how much it might cost, and how to find the right person for the installation work. Let’s dive in!

Installing a Loft Ladder

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Unless you know exactly what’s involved and have the right skills and safety awareness to successfully install a loft ladder, be sure to hire a professional to err on the side of caution.

After all, along with being safe during the installation process, you do not want to risk your loft ladder installation being unsafe to use.  Also, it’s important to note that even if you do have the right skills/knowledge you should only perform this work by yourself if the manufacturer’s instructions allow it. In some

If you’re certain it’s safe and suitable to undertake the work DIY, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to a T.

On the other hand, it’s hiring a loft ladder installation, it’s important to secure a few quotes before deciding who to hire (more on this in the final section). Beyond that, it’s important to be aware that the pricing involved will vary depending on the cost of labour in your area, among other factors, which leads us to the average costs involved in this work.

The Cost of a Loft Ladder Installation

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The cost of a loft ladder installation (when hiring a professional) will likely end up somewhere in the region of £200 to £300. There will be exceptions, but generally, the pricing is about this much.

The cost of having a loft ladder fitted can vary depending not only on the price of labour in your region but also the type of loft ladder installation, how difficult it is to install, and the state/nature of the work area.

The £200 to £300 price range includes an average labour cost of £120 to £150 per installation, with the remainder of the cost being the supply-only cost for the ladder being installed.

You may wish to choose what loft ladder you want to install (whether for a DIY or professional installation) or you could ask a professional to source and install one for you. If you find one yourself, just ensure it is suitable for your home. If in any doubt, consult with a professional prior to installation for certainty.

Hiring a Professional to Install a Loft Ladder

If hiring a professional to install a loft ladder (which, again you absolutely should unless you’re absolutely sure that a DIY approach is perfectly safe), it’s a good idea to find quotes from several professionals in your area.

By doing so, you can then compare 3+ quotes from different loft ladder installation contractors/companies near you and make an informed choice.

You’ll want to compare details of each quote, such as pricing, levels of experience and any online reviews or ratings they have, before deciding who is best for the job and who appears to offer the best value for money.

Popular Types of Loft Ladders

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There are many types of loft ladders on the market, each with its own pros/cons and average price range.

First, there is the option of a sliding loft ladder. Being relatively affordable and easy to install, a sliding loft ladder is commonly used and can simply be pulled down when someone wants to use it.

A folding loft ladder is exactly what they say on the tin. Folding ladders are also arguably a bit safer since they’re less likely to fall on top of someone when the latch is being opened or closed. However, it’s worth noting that folding loft ladders tend to be costlier.

Other popular choices include the expensive but safe-spacing telescopic loft ladder and the concertina loft ladder, which again, is fairly expensive but can save plenty of space.

Ultimately, the right type of loft ladder for you will largely depend on your preferences and budget. If unsure what to opt for, you can always consult with a professional before they or you go out and make a suitable purchase.


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