Top destinations for solo female travelers in Asia

Top destinations for solo female travellers in Asia

Whether they’re looking for some me time away from home or for an adventure, travellers taking solo trips are growing exponentially. And women are one of the driving forces behind this solo boom. Still, putting yourself out there as a solo female traveller can seem daunting. But certain destinations tick all the right boxes when it comes to exploring the world safely. With its notorious hospitality, safe atmosphere, and sheer beauty, Asia is a perfect place to start your solo wanderlust. So, here are four Asian destinations to visit for solo female travellers in Asia.


Japan has earned a reputation for safety. According to the 2020 Global Peace Index, the land of the rising sun ranks among the top ten most peaceful countries on the planet. Thus, women can explore the diversity of the Japanese islands worry-free. Wandering the busy streets of Tokyo and Kyoto at night is as safe as getting away from the big cities to discover a more rural side of Japan, from the mountainous peaks of Shikoku to the volcanic beaches of Kyushu.

The Japanese people have a unique sense of hospitality to boot. The Japanese word omotenashi encapsulates the essence of this wholehearted care towards guests. So, despite the language barrier, someone will invariably come to your aid if you ever get lost or need help.

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South Korea

South Korea is a haven for solo female travelers. Traveling across the country by bus and train is both affordable and secure. And the land of the morning calm boasts an incredible array of activities, from the modern skyline of Seoul to the rugged coastline of Jeju Island.

Ancient temples nestled in the mountainous mainland are additional landmarks to add to a Korean travel bucket list. Women can even spend an inspirational night within a Buddhist temple. Most temple stays even provide gender-segregated dorms. Visitors are expected to dress modestly, though. So, avoid apparent shoulders, short skirts, and crop tops to avert disapproving stares. That being said, you’ll find that most South Koreans are very tolerant towards foreign visitors. Thus, you are sure to be treated kindly wherever your travel takes you.




With its stunning heritage sites, enchanting bays roamed by picturesque traditional boats, and lush rice terraces, Vietnam attracts millions of visitors. Besides, travelers are in for a culinary journey at almost every food stall. Because of its overall safety, the country is also a go-to for backpackers. Petty crimes and scams happen occasionally, but they remain essentially low.

While single women travelers are just as welcome as their male counterparts, certain situations require caution nonetheless. Overnight bus trips are best avoided. Additionally, riding a cab is the easiest way to get around traffic-jammed cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. To fend off potential trouble, women should also discard places like clubs and casinos. Female travelers may instead turn to online casinos (sòng bài trực tuyến) for extra fun. Top gambling platforms provide access to thousands of exciting games. Players can even grab hefty rewards, such as free slot spins and deposit bonuses. And the best online casinos are mobile-friendly so that travelers can while away the time anywhere along their trip.



You might have heard about the Switzerland of Asia. And Singapore has earned this nickname just right. Due to its prosperity and stability, this small city-state consistently tops the rankings for the world’s safest countries. Transportation is reliable. Pickpockets are few and far between. Plus, Singapore boasts unparalleled cleanliness. Littering is even heavily fined, with police forces patrolling regularly.

Therefore, Singapore is an ideal destination for solo female tourists yearning for a cosmopolitan city break. From museums to eye-widening feats of architecture, Singapore’s heart is full of fascinating landmarks. The surrounding wilderness offers plenty of opportunities for trekking and even safaris. To top it all off, the city’s multicultural identity goes hand in hand with a mouth-watering foodie culture. The only downside is that Singapore may be heavy on the wallet.

Exploring the world on your own terms can be a life-changing experience. Of course, independent travel might come with challenges too. And a few safety tips will get you a long way as a single woman. But these Asian countries are sure destinations to enjoy a safe and enchanting journey.

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