The Best Types of University Programs for People that Want to Make a Difference

When applying for university, there are several things to consider before choosing your program. One might be career prospects, another how long the university programs last, and another might be how much you could make a difference once you graduate.

Making a real difference means feeling proud of what you do every day. For some, that is all the motivation they need to put everything they have into a career. If you’re not sure what types of degrees help you achieve that, consider these programs.

  • Economics

If you’re unsure what economics is about, you might wonder, how does it help people? What is applied economics?

Economics is all about society, and the distribution of wealth and resources. Studying this subject opens the door to a wide range of careers, from accountants to financial analysts. As someone with a background in economics, you could take your knowledge far by working towards better wealth distribution, all while earning a lucrative salary.

  • Teaching


Education is a fundamental part of society. The better the teachers, the better society becomes. By studying education, you could become that elementary teacher who helps young students come out of their shells or a university professor who changes already-educated minds about philosophy. Whatever your passion is, there is a teaching career for it.

  • Environmental Science

Do you have a passion for the environment? If so, environmental science could be your calling. You can change the world by discovering new ways to help the planet, whether that means greener energy or easier ways to recycle.

  • Healthcare

There is no denying that healthcare makes a true difference in the world. With the help of scientists and healthcare workers, millions of people receive healthcare that helps them live a better life every single day. Not to mention how many lives are saved. If you want to make a difference in people’s lives, and potentially help people live longer, a healthcare program could be for you.

  • Journalism

With a journalism degree, you have the potential to change the world through words. Whatever your angle is, you can fight for fair and just journalism – the type that focuses on facts, accuracy, and accountability. If you already have good writing skills, studying journalism will develop them even further while teaching you how to put news and experiences into well-written articles that could be read far and wide.

  • Any Arts Degree

San Antonio College, San Antonio

People often look down on arts degrees in favor of STEM programs. They shouldn’t, though. If you look back through history or even look around you right now, you will see that art has always made a huge difference in the world. From beautiful pieces of music to the most mind-bending literature, art always has been and always will be. Whether you are a painter, a writer, a sculptor, or a musician, if you have the passion and the talent, an arts degree could help you change the world with your creative mind.

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