Walk-In Closet

Say Hello To Every Woman’s Dream Walk-In Closet Trends

As women we like to indulge in things that make us happy and feed our souls. Most women love hoarding their wardrobe and collecting things about fashion. This indulgence could also be termed as pure self-love! Women’s closet dreams go back in time when Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in closet came into vogue during Sex and The City. Women across the globe were swayed by the concept of having a whole personal space dedicated just for them. It was a place where they found their me time afterall.

The one thing we can’t get enough of is the closet space, so curating the perfect walk-in closet could be a task as you don’t want to fall short of it! But in the midst of all this you still want your closet to be the perfect looking one.

When it comes to what women want in their closet there are so many innovative options for custom designs and unique pieces. In the end every choice would be diverse based on an individual’s taste. Hence, it could be quite the challenge to short-list only a small selection of features that appeals to the majority of women.

But don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are some minimalistic yet splendid ideas to make your closet the perfect looking spot in your home.

Set The Mood With Art

Walk-In Closet

A closet is a space where a woman feels most like herself, somewhere she actually gets to do her mind without any hesitation. It’s almost like a mirror that translates her personality.

Bringing positive energy into your homes is one way to make your spaces a healthy outlet for feelings and self-expression. Art is one of the best forms of expressions that could add so much more meaning to any space in your home.

So why not add a self-portrait of yourself that channels every bit of your inner self? A portrait that reminds you of a moment you wanted to pause, a moment that you felt the happiest. This masterpiece will definitely bring a smile to your face as it will remind you of who you really are.

Get a favorite picture of you painted into a custom portrait in medium of your choice. Do you fancy the realist look of an oil painting or flowy and transparent glow of a watercolor painting? No matter what medium you choose we got you covered from pastels to charcoal; you get yourself painted in any of these mediums.

If you are someone who is still skeptical on choosing the best medium for your portrait, fair warning, it can be taxing at times if you don’t have your facts clear. We have curated everything you need to know under the roof of choosing the best medium for your portraits. Commission your most favorite memory into an artwork with us in the perfect medium!

Layer Your Style With Some Light

Walk-In Closet

There’s certainly nothing pleasing about a dark and gloomy walk-in closet, so you need to keep in mind that it is essential to highlight your great taste in clothes with some attractive lighting. Natural light will always be a bonus to seep some of that sunlight, but if that’s not an option even artificial lighting would add the needed warmth.

A well-lit closet could just turn over the entire layout of your closet, hence it’s one of the most sought-after features. From recessed lighting, chandeliers, or bright lamp stands lighting adds that character and depth to any space. The brighter side is that you could proudly display your favorite collections in there for your gal pals to view. And wouldn’t it be a pleasure to be able to access your closet day or night without any hassle? Then some lighting is the answer you have been looking for!

Divide And Conquer

Walk-In Closet

Organize and organize! That’s the key to the most beautiful looking closets.

While designing your closet one thing you cannot miss out on are inbuilt organizers. These organizers come with compartments in different shapes and sizes to perfectly fit all of those essentials.

You heard that right, no more tangled jeweler, lost hair ties, kinked belts, mis-shaped bras or abandoned, single socks (yurekkaaa)! No more fatal injuries to all that delicate or fragile accessories.

The major plus about these inbuilt organizers is they perfectly divide the area in your closet by giving every item a designated space. So girls, why wait when you can Divide and Conquer!

Let There Be Air

Walk-In Closet

Just like other rooms, a closet also needs some good amount of ventilation. A well circulated room with windows and doors will not just bring good air into the room but also change the entire atmosphere of the room.

An airy closet is just a few tweaks away from you! Rather than the usual sliding doors and windows, go for an additional netted door and window panel that could be the perfect addition for some cross ventilation. Keep these additions in mind while you are designing your closet to have an overdose of air.

There is nothing soothing about a stuffed, hot closet room. Let those curtains loose and let that natural breeze bring in some cold cast of happiness into your most favorite room.

Keep It Simple With Blossoms

Walk-In Closet

Flowers have the power to elevate any space with their sweet fragrance and warm colors. They add the touch of life with them by creating a natural feel to the environment.

Did you know that as well as adding some aesthetic value to your decor, flowers also have another superpower, to instantly turnover someone’s mood, health, and wellbeing? It would rejuvenate the atmosphere by adding some happy emotions to anyone who lays their eyes on them. From rose to extravagant tulips, flowers are the best accessory that both the hosts and visiting guests would equally enjoy.

If you too are looking for that one element that would quickly fix the feel of your closet then some fresh blossoms would be the best pick.

Closing Note

Walk-in closets are the perfect addition to a household with women. Women’s choices translate in their clothing as they always relate to what they wear. From considerations about dressing for wins, to losses, what women wear speaks volumes about their personal identity.

It is not always essential that closet decor should be expensive. One can add some minor   to your existing space to make it into a closet of your dreams. The fact is that you could now afford it even without breaking your entire life-savings. Make these fun additions to your walk-in closet and you’ll never want to step out of it.

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