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How to Fight the Breast Cancer Battle?

Breast cancer is a prominent form of tumor in women and the leading contributor to cancer death globally. Unfortunately, more than 145,000 new cases are diagnosed yearly in the United States alone. It affects women of all races, ethnicities & socioeconomic backgrounds.

The good news is that breast cancer survival rates continue to improve.

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As per the American Cancer Society, between 1990 and 2014, survival rates rose from 58% to 68%.


And with more than $6 billion being spent annually on breast lump detection, treatment, and prevention research, it’s clear we’re making progress in our fight against this cancerous disease.


If you have been diagnosed with a lump in one or both the breasts, it’s not the end. You must continue to fight it every day, even if you are feeling well. You are responsible to yourself and your family to care for yourself and get your body back in tip-top shape. You can do many things to fight this battle, but there are also some things you should avoid doing. If you follow these simple tips, you will be on your way to beating this disease.

#1 Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle


Breast cancer is not just a physical battle, but it also takes a toll on your mental health. As much as possible, try to maintain your lifestyle as it was before you got diagnosed. If that is not possible, at least ensure you eat healthily and sleep well.

A simple walk around the neighborhood can do wonders for your health & mood. Exercise boosts one’s immune system and fights against obvious depression & stress.

#2 Consider How Your Diagnosis Will Impact Your Finances

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After finding out you have breast cancer, your focus will be on treatment, recovery, and prevention. But as you focus on these critical topics, it can be easy to forget about your finances.

Like most people, your priority is returning to work and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You may not have time to consider money or insurance while hospitalized or recovering.

But once you’re back on track and able to start putting money into savings accounts or retirement funds, it’s essential to consider how your diagnosis will impact those finances.

The financial impact of a breast cancer diagnosis can be significant. The average cost of a lumpectomy is $10,000. The average cost for radiation therapy is $1,500 to $3,000 per day. And many women have to pay out-of-pocket for prescription medication.


However, if money isn’t a consideration, then it would be best if you do breast cancer fundraising to foster research in this cancer field because research will help to save more lives.

#3 Stay Connected With Your Loved Ones:

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To fight breast cancer, you can’t be isolated. You have to stay connected and feel supported by your near and dear ones. They not only are able to help you with practical things like cooking or cleaning but also support you to feel better in the most challenging phase of your life.

You may feel alone during treatment and the recovery process, but it’s important to remember that you’re not alone. You have people who care about you and want only the best for you. Don’t forget about them!

Also, talk to your friends at least once a week and tell them how you’re doing. Ask them if there is anything they can do for you. Acknowledge their love for you even if it’s difficult for them sometimes.

#4 Anticipate Possible Physical Changes


When women are diagnosed with breast cancer, they are usually informed about the potential for physical changes in their breasts. There is a possibility that one or both breasts may become smaller, less firm, and more tender to touch. The breast tissue itself may also change from being firmer to more supple. These changes are normal after treatment and were present before any treatment began. Recognizing these changes and working with your doctor to ensure you’re prepared for them is important.


If your breasts change significantly during treatment, it can be upsetting and cause stress for you and your loved ones. You might want to consider having someone else help you look after things like cooking or cleaning while you’re undergoing treatment.

In The End…


In the battle against breast cancer, no one-size-fits-all can be applied to all women. Anyone can get a breast tumor at any time in their life. That’s why taking charge personally and fighting this battle with all your strength is essential. Don’t think you don’t have it in you to win the war. You do, and you know it! This site and this author’s voice should help you with that.

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