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8 Rewards of Quality Sleep to Your Health

Besides exercising or sticking to a healthy diet routine, it is also essential to get good sleep every night. A good night’s rest recharges you, gives you the energy you need for the next day, and improves your general well-being. Every age group has a recommended day-to-day sleep routine to avoid the repercussions of sleep deprivation. Specialists from a Sleep Clinic in Fort Bragg further explain the overall benefits of good sleep to your health:

1.  Weight Management

Menstruation weight gain

For a long time, diet and exercise have been linked to one’s weight. However, your sleep pattern equally affects your weight since it affects your appetite. Poor sleeping patterns cause an increase in the ghrelin hormone and a decrease in leptin hormone, which are both responsible for your eating patterns.


High ghrelin levels are destructive for your system since they are appetite stimulators primarily for the high-calorie content foods, leading to fat buildup and storage, eventually leading to weight gain. When this happens, leptin production levels are suppressed, responsible for suppressing food intake and inducing weight loss.


Suppose you stick to a good sleep routine? Sleep will help regulate these two hormones to healthier levels, and the ghrelin hormone will be stimulated only when you need to eat, thus maintaining a healthy weight.

2.  Clarity of Mind for Better Productivity

If you are burning the midnight oil and waking up early, you will probably have a grumpy day and will have a hard time staying attentive and working as you should. As you struggle to stay awake for the rest of the day, you might drink a lot of coffee or other caffeinated beverages, which will be a short-term solution. Its effects will lead you to another sleepless episode at night when you should be sleeping. Such a pattern might cause fatigue which is terrible for your health.


You will indeed feel the difference when you have a good night’s sleep since it recharges you for the next day. It keeps your brain alert and open-minded to make well-thought-of decisions. You will also feel more energized and ready to start your day, leading to better productivity.

3.  Maximizes Athletic Performance

Every athlete understands the importance of a good night’s rest to their overall performance. Your body produces the protein-based growth hormone responsible for muscle building and repair during your sleep. The growth hormone increases blood flow and has nutrients and oxygen, allowing the repair and regeneration of new cells.


If you felt some tension or pain in your muscles when you went to sleep, you will automatically feel the difference in the morning since you gave your muscles the much-needed recovery at night. Once you get out there to exercise, the mental and physical challenge will be much lesser, thus boosting a better performance.

4.  Protects Your Mental Health

mental health

We mainly focus on the physical look that everyone can see, but what about the mind, which only you know? Commonly known mental health conditions like depression or anxiety can cause sleep deprivation.


You must protect your mental health at all costs. High-stress levels lead to insomnia. You should address any stressors that keep you up at night. Deal with any stress in your life either by talking to a trusted friend or counselor or exercising to help you sleep better at night.

5.  Protects One from Heart Conditions

The body releases the stress hormone when you are awake to keep you alert. Since this hormone is the body’s natural “fight and flight” hormone, it causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate levels. Ensure your body gets adequate rest at night since your blood pressure and heart rate levels automatically drop while asleep, keeping your heart healthy and protecting you from the risk of struggling with heart conditions.


Coronary heart disease is one such condition that is brought about by a continuous lack of sleep. As we discussed earlier, you are more likely to ingest high-calorie content foods when you stay awake for long. Over time, these foods build up cholesterol deposits on the arteries responsible for blood supply to the heart. Later on, these high cholesterol levels will also cause diabetes and high blood pressure.

6.  Helps Maintain Better Relationships


Your brain is responsible for your emotions. If you wake up grumpy, you will always be dull and moody, but if you get quality sleep, you are likely to have a good mood that fosters better relations with people. A person with a good attitude feels good about themselves, stays happy, is slow to anger, and mainly has positive thoughts. They will pass that same positive energy to the people around them; the opposite also applies. So, go to bed early, and everyone around you will feel the positive energy in you.

7.  Promotes A Strong Immune System

Have you been struggling with some persistent conditions like cases of flu? You probably have not been sleeping enough, and anti-allergy drugs are not always the solution for such issues. Sleep is a great immune system regulator, and while asleep, it improves your body’s antibody response to foreign viruses and bacteria which are not supposed to be in your body.


If you maintain a consistent sleep pattern, the antibodies will always be alert to fight them off whenever a potential threat is initiated in your body. At least, you will rarely get sick.

8.  Increases Life Expectancy


Almost everyone wants a long and healthy life. Quality sleep is an excellent reward for that. If you allow your body to undergo all those metabolism processes during your sleep every day, you will strengthen your muscles and organs and refresh your brain as needed. You will also have protected yourself from those health conditions which reduce your lifespan.


If you are struggling with getting quality sleep, identify what is keeping you awake during the recommended sleeping hours and seek help. Give your bedtime the same priority that you give to your physical looks and diet, and watch your overall well-being change for the better.


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