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8 Best Tips To Care For Your Prescription Sunglasses

There’s a lot of time and money that you invest in finding the perfect pair of prescription sunglasses. It is important to ensure you take proper care of your prescription sunglasses. However, it might not be clear about the various steps that you can follow to ensure you take proper care of them.

This article has everything you need to know about caring for your prescription sunglasses. It has all the best tips to ensure that your sunglasses last for a long time. We will get down into the details to help you know how you can avoid having to repair or replace your sunglasses soon.

Here’s what you need to do.

prescription sunglasses

Ensure Proper Storage

Do you ever find yourself placing your sunglasses on the bathroom sink, couch, nightstand, etc.? Well, you aren’t alone because many people don’t pay attention to proper storage. Most people just put their prescription sunglasses to whatever surface they find. But then, this is one of the habits that you might need to break off to protect your sunglasses.

It is critical to store them in their case anytime you take them off. That will help ensure that they do not get dirty or dusty. It can also help prevent scratches or breakages. Your glasses come in a case once you order them. Ensure they stay in it when you’re not wearing them.

Clean Your Glasses Carefully

How often you clean your prescription sunglasses matters a lot. The lens is one of the parts of your sunglasses that require proper care. Many people customize their lenses when buying prescription sports sunglasses online. This means that they pay more for them than regular lenses.

If you have your prescription sports glasses customized, you need to keep them in their optimal state. Washing them at least once daily is one of the best ways to do it. That will help maintain the lenses and make seeing easier instead of struggling to see through dirt.

Wear Your Glasses Properly

prescription sunglasses

Proper wearing of sunglasses can protect your eyes and also the glasses from any damage. You need to practice good habits that will help protect your prescription sports sunglasses. For instance, you need to avoid wearing sunglasses on your head because it might widen the frames.

Also, sometimes your sunglasses might slide off and you want to push them back. It will help to resist the temptation to push them onto the nose piece. Use both hands, one on either temple arm, to push them back. Always do the same when wearing and removing them.

Use the Right Cloth

You need a cloth to wipe off your sunglasses if they gather dust or dirt. Some people clean their sunglasses with the clothes they’re wearing. However, this is one practice that might end up damaging your sunglasses than actually cleaning it. Some lenses are too delicate for tissues, towels, etc.

The case that carries your prescription sports sunglasses will come with a special cloth. You should always use it to avoid scratching your lens. It is specially made of 100% cotton to ensure it’s soft enough for the lens. You also need to always keep this cloth in a clean place.

Maintain a Firm Grip

How do you hold your sunglasses? Remember that sunglasses are delicate and can bend or break if they fall on a hard surface. Avoid holding them with sweaty hands; instead, dry your hands first so that they don’t slide. But you will also need to wash them, it’ll ultimately be vital to learn how to hold them.

A firm grip on the piece that crosses the bridge of the nose is highly recommended. It will help prevent accidentally bending them while cleaning. Bent sunglasses lose their shape, a factor which can affect visibility. Thus, you should hold them firmly and in the right place.

Air Dry Your Glasses

Prescription Sunglasses

Your glasses come with a special cloth for cleaning and drying. But then, it is advisable not to use it, especially after washing it. Remember, you will need the cloth to remove any dirt on your lenses when out there. Thus, always keeping the cloth dry will be an excellent idea.

After washing your lenses, allow them to air dry. This can help ensure they remain as clean as possible without any materials. You should only wipe them with a cloth if you don’t have enough time to air dry them. However, avoid doing it more often to protect your glasses.

Always Use Both Hands

We have mentioned that using both hands when putting on or removing sunglasses is vital. It will however help to mention it again as a point of its own. Well, it is worth noting that your frames widen a little bit every time you remove your sunglasses with one hand.

A misalignment of the frames will mean that you have to pay an expert to fix them for you–an extra expense you might not want to incur. It is therefore better to put them on and get them off the right way. It is also better to use the center of the frame rather than hold them by one of the arms.

Re-Adjust Your Glasses

The screws holding your glasses together might become loose after some time due to the everyday wear and tear. This might make your sunglasses uncomfortable to wear. One way to ensure that they stay intact is by readjusting them. You can have an optometrist help you adjust them to ensure they fit well.

Besides ensuring that they remain intact, readjusting your glasses will help keep them safe. It will help ensure they do not slip off your face and break. You can also readjust the screws at home if you have the equipment needed. However, you must be careful not to break them.


prescription sunglasses

This post has explored everything you need to know about caring for prescription glasses. It will be easy to ensure your sunglasses last long enough if you implement these tips. All we have mentioned is proper storage, cleaning, and wearing of sunglasses is important.

What you need to do is to ensure you get everything right. For instance, find the right cloth for drying your glasses and also use lukewarm water for cleaning. Now that you have an idea of how to care for your sunglasses, maybe it’s time to order your prescription sports glasses.

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