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Parental Controls and protecting children online

Unwanted content, internet predators, dangerous viruses, and malware. This is only a small part of the reasons why parents around the world are concerned about protecting children online.

Security in cyberspace is at the forefront when it comes to introducing children to digital devices: smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Everyone knows that the Internet is full of frightening information, and some parents, to protect children from such content, forbid them to use the Internet until they reach a certain age. However, there are a number of different programs that can be installed to help ensure the safety of minors online.

This article discusses various recommendations and tools to solve the problem of child safety on the Internet.

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Tips to keep kids safe
1. Tell your child about the dangers they may face online

protecting children online.

This is an extremely important point. Parents should not only thoroughly study the issue of children’s safety on the Internet, but also educate the children themselves on the correct behavior on the network to exclude the possibility of dangerous situations.

Be sure to discuss with your child all the problems of the internet and tell them about the existence of online predators, cybercrime, malware, and cyberbullying. Not only do you need to teach your child to cross the street correctly and not talk to strangers, but you also need to explain that if used improperly, the Internet can be very dangerous.

2. Show your child that you’re always ready to listen to him

It is extremely important that the child understands that parents are open to conversation when it comes to Internet security. If a child has problems associated with the World Wide Web, he should be aware that he can share them with his parents at any time.

3. Use Parental Controls

Parental controls are easy to install and do a great job of protecting children online. You can get any good parental control app to keep a check on the Internet usage of your child. Many of these apps let you know to check the sites they have visited, the time that was spent online, and all the general activity performed through their mobile devices. Popular programs such as FamilyTime parental control allow you to monitor various social media sites, block unwanted apps, and much more. The functions of this software are not limited to monitoring; rather, these are feature-packed solutions for all parental concerns. Do you want to see how does the app help? Give it a free try now. You can get a trial version of the app from the app store on your phone.

protecting children online

4. Limit device usage time

It seems that people are ready to use the services of the Internet all day long. Despite the fact that the World Wide Web is an excellent tool for children, especially in terms of access to educational resources and entertainment, excessive use of the Internet can slow down the development of the child.

To avoid excessive internet usage by kids, it’s important to limit the time your kids spend on digital devices. This measure will force the child to spend more time in the real world with family and friends.

5. Teach your child that chatting with a stranger online is just as dangerous as in reality

protecting children online.

The well-known rule “Do not talk with a stranger on the street” is also relevant in the era of the Internet. Be sure to inform your child that meeting people he meets on the Internet carries a risk to his safety. Strangers on the Internet can and are likely to be dangerous.

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