Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab

Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab from Thames & Kosmos

The 14th of March marks the start of the march break. If you’re looking for something enjoyable to do with your kids over the March break, I recommend some hands-on learning activities from Thames & Kosmos. With the Sweet Candy Perfume Lab and the Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab from Thames & Kosmos, a renowned brand in games, arts and crafts that support STEAM learning, your daughter may have her own hands-on pampering experience. Both sets also teach her about the ingredients that go into the products she creates.

 Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm LabYummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab is simple, fun and easy to follow. The lip balm kit is suitable for children aged 8 to 14, but that doesn’t mean that children as young as six couldn’t get in on the fun with assistance.

This cosmetics lab comes equipped with a workstation as well as all of the ingredients, containers, and instruments necessary to manufacture up to six lip balms in clear plastic jars and two lip glosses in glass rollerball-applicator bottles.

Cosmetic-grade red, blue, and yellow dyes that may be used to create a rainbow of hues; lip-smacking strawberry, banana, and grape flavours; shimmering fluid for the lip gloss; and base oils and waxes for the balms and glosses are among the ingredients in the kit.

To set up the laboratory station, choose a clean, uncluttered work area. The space should be well-lit and ventilated, as well as accessible to water and away from food. Cover your work surface in old newspaper or paper towels to protect it from spills. We used our mat. Place the laboratory station on the covered surface and load all of the tools and materials into their designated compartments, as shown in our photo.

 Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab

Decorate the included workstation, jars, and bottles with the included stickers.

You will need
– All kit contents
– Water
– Microwave
– Oven mitt or potholder

1. Remove the lid from the jar of soy ester. Use the included spatula to scoop the soy ester out of the jar and into the large spoon. Gather one level
spoonful of soy ester in the spoon.

 Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab

2. Use the spatula to scrape the soy ester out of the spoon and into the bottom of the small measuring cup.

3. Rest the sticky spoon on the soy ester jar when you are not using it to prevent the soy ester from getting on other things.

4. Open the bag of berry wax pellets. Add one small spoonful of the pellets to the beaker. That is about 12 pellets. Then remove the lid
from the baby oil bottle and add 12 drops of baby oil to the cup.

5. Stir the mixture with the spatula so that it sticks around the sides of the measuring cup up to about the 10-ml mark.

6. Put 35 ml of cold water into the large measuring cup.

7. Microwave the cup of water for up to 45 seconds. Do not microwave the wax-oil

 Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab

8. Take the large cup out of the microwave and set it on a heat-resistant surface.Place the small measuring cup containing the wax-oil
mixture into the large measuring cup. Allow no water to enter the mixture; this will damage the lip balm. Allow it to rest for two minutes until the wax-oil mixture melts.

9. Remove the small cup from the main cup with care. Add cosmetic colours according to the formulas specified in the guide. Add flavors according to the formulas in the guide. Do not add more flavor than the amounts specified in the guide.

 Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab

11. Stir the mixture until it is a smooth and consistent texture, and none of the solid wax pellets remain.

12. Pour the lip balm mixture into a clean lip balm jar. Use the spatula to scrape it out of the cup and into the jar if it has cooled too much to pour. Let it cool and solidify completely before use. It is recommended that the lip balm is used within four weeks. After four weeks, you must discard it. Write
the expiration date on each jar.

 Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab

Always patch test your lip balms before use. To conduct a patch test, dab a small amount of the lip balm onto your finger. Then apply a thin smear to your inner wrist. Wait five minutes. Wipe off the lip balm and wash the area with soapy water. If there is no irritation or discoloration, it is fine to use.

 Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab

I was blown away by how quick and easy the lip balm is to make.The kit includes detailed instructions. Adult supervision is required for little children. Because the water must be heated in the microwave, please assist your children as needed.  Overall, Yummy Rainbow Lip Balm Lab is a fantastic method to introduce children to the wonders of science! My daughter enjoyed preparing lip balm and was eager to get into the fun of the perfume lab. From March Break to Easter, insure your child isn’t bored with Thames & Kosmos hands on kits.


About Thames & Kosmos:

Thames & Kosmos (T&K) was founded in 2001 with the mission of improving informal science education by publishing high-quality science and technology related educational products for children of all ages. T&K’s mission has since expanded from its STEM roots to encompass other educational branches, including arts and crafts and early childhood learning, as well as the multitude of thinking and social skills that can be taught through games and performative magic sets. T&K places an emphasis on teaching concepts and skills through hands-on modeling of real-world devices and processes, and by offering comprehensive, meaningful reading materials for a rich learning experience. T&K is headquartered in Providence, RI, and is the North American subsidiary of Franckh-Kosmos Verlags-GmbH & Co. KG.


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