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Wiggles and Whiskers Dog Bow Tie and Bandanas

Wiggles and Whiskers
Top of your fur-babies party look this holiday season with bowties and bandanas from Wiggles and Whiskers. Many different designs and colors are available to suit your dogs personality.

The Over the Collar style Bandana is perfect for dogs and cats on the move, because once it’s on it stays in place. Simply slip their collar through the top of the bandana and they can wear it in front, to the side or at the back, ‘Superman Style’.

Wiggles and Whiskers bandanas are fully reversible for two different looks. For the price of one bandana, you can get not one, but two looks. They are also double stitched to last through many washings. This version has red and black buffalo plaid on one side and Canadian print on the other side making it perfect for Canada Day and Christmas.

All bandanas are made of 100% prewashed cotton, to minimize shrinkage. Machine washing in cold water and hanging to dry is the recommended laundering method. If needed, they can be ironed for a crisp look.

Megan even added a personal touch to Maxi’s new bandana. She embroidered his name onto the bandana.

Over the Collar Bandana Measurements:

X-Small: ~6”across, ~5” long, ~1.75” collar opening
Small: ~7”across, ~5.5” long, ~1.75” collar opening
Medium: ~8.5”across, ~6” long, ~2” collar opening
Large: ~10.5” across, ~7.5” long, ~2” collar opening
X-Large: ~14.5” across, ~9.5” long, ~2” collar opening

These bandanas are made with carefully chosen, high quality materials. They are worth the price and then some!

Wiggles and Whiskers
Bowties for Dogs


While you may still be sporting that same 80’s haircut, your dog will be rocking a hot trend this holiday season. Dogs have that personality that goes well with bow ties. Dog in a bow tie Not only does Megan make bandanas, but she makes charming bowties.

Before you know it will be time for the holiday family picture. You can’t forget your fur babies.

Your favorite fur-baby will look dapper-as-can-be when you attach one of these vibrant bow ties to their collar.

The Over the Collar Bowtie is perfect for dogs and cats on the move, because once it’s on it stays in place. Simply slip their collar through the loops in the bowtie and you are all set.

When the festivities are finished simply throw it it in the washing machine.

There are few things cuter than a shihtzu. Unless of course, you add a bowtie to that shihtzu. Maxi doesn’t appear to mind him new bowtie at all and we think he looks dashing. Don’t you?




About Megan

Megan DespardWiggles and Whiskers founders story hit home for me. Megan Despard sustained a brain injury in 2015, which is one year after my daughter Megan sustained her traumatic brain injury.  There are 1.5 million people in Canada living with an acquired brain injury. 452 people suffer a serious brain injury every day in Canada. This amounts to one person injured with a traumatic brain injury every 3 minutes. In fact, brain injury is currently a leading cause of death and disability worldwide. A traumatic brain injury changes ones life more than you can ever imagine unless you are the one living with a brain injury or have a family member that is. Brain injury receives far less funding nationally than Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, HIV/AIDS and Breast Cancer.

Prior to  Megan’s injury, she was a ‘Career Mom’ working for a local municipal government and different nonprofit organizations. She attempted to keep up her career life for a while following her accident, but in 2016, at the recommendation of her doctors and with the amazing support of her family, she resigned from her position.

For a traumatic brain injury survivor several years of life go by filled with different treatments, testing, rehab, counseling, medications, doctors, soul searching, and self-discovery. Over time, Megan grew to accept the chronic pain and cognitive challenges that had become her new normal. She begun to see employment as not just a chance to contribute financially to her family, but also as an opportunity to learn new skills, relearn old skills, and interact with the community.

She always had an interest in animals/pets, but after her injury, among other changes in her personality/interests, Megan noticed a bigger connection with animals and an increased sense of peace when she was around them. So, it made sense to  her to combine her love for animals with something creative like sewing that she already had some skills in. In March 2020, she  started sewing and growing catnip indoors for Wiggles and Whiskers.

In June 2020, she started selling products for dogs and cats at ‘A Gift to Remember’ in St. Jacobs in South-Western Ontario where she lives with her husband Lowell, son Gaven and her rescue cat Winnie. You can read more about Megan at How Running a Small Business is Healing my Brain.


Website: Wiggles and Whiskers: Handmade toys, clothing and accessories for pets

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