4 Things You Should Always Tell Your Gynecologist About

Everyone deserves to have a solid, trusting relationship with their doctors, and this is especially important when it comes to your gynecologist. No matter what’s going on in your life, here are four things you should tell your  gynecologist about.

Changes in Your Menstrual Cycle

Menstrual Cycle

First and foremost, you should absolutely let your doctor know if you notice any changes to your cycle. Whether your period is off schedule, your sex drive changes drastically or any discharge you experience begins to deviate from your normal, things like these can tell you a lot about your reproductive health. Even if you feel like the changes are small or probably harmless, it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. In the worst-case scenario, you may catch a serious issue before it becomes dangerous; best-case scenario, your doctor can put an unnecessary worry at ease.

Side Effects From Your Birth Control

Birth Control

Most forms of birth control deal directly with your hormones, and some of the changes they cause in your body can be quite drastic. You almost always need a short period of time to get used to hormonal birth control, and chances are you’ll experience side effects like spotting or prolonged menstrual bleeding, cramping, nausea, discomfort and countless other conditions. Even if you’re expecting to deal with side effects, you should let your gynecologist know how the medicine is affecting your body. If the side effects are making you miserable, your doctor may be able to recommend an alternative.

Changes in Your Breasts

Tell Your Gynecologist

Breast health is crucial for any woman, so your gynecologist should be informed if you notice anything different with your breasts. Whether you see changes in color, new spots or discoloration, growths, lumps, swelling, pain or anything else, you should let your doctor know immediately. These kinds of changes might indicate a serious health condition, and your gynecologist may be able to treat you more effectively if you catch onto it sooner. Along with this, you should make a point to regularly perform self breast exams and let your doctor know how they’re going.

Situations Involving Abuse

Doctors are professionals that are meant to help you feel not only healthy but safe. If you’re being sexually abused in any way and you trust your gynecologist enough to open up to them, let them know what’s going on. Not only can they help treat any physical symptoms or diseases from abuse, they may also be able to connect you with someone who specializes in assisting and removing abuse victims from danger. If you’re dealing with an STD or unplanned pregnancy Des Plaines, IL, is home to countless medical professionals who can help you determine what to do next.

You, like all human beings, have a right to safe and effective professional health care. Any time you feel something is off with your body, talk to your doctor. Even if you’re worried that you’re overreacting, you never know what your body might be trying to tell you.


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