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5 benefits of outdoor play for children

playThe world has gone digital and this can mean children spend more time indoors with computer screens, video games, and television. That’s not to mention the Smartphone. Of course, this doesn’t apply as much to the youngest of children, although the use of computer aids and television is reducing the amount of time these children spend playing outdoors.

However, there are several important benefits to indulging in outdoor play for children. That’s why places like this preschool Valley Heights still place great emphasis on outdoor play.

  1. Health

Playing outdoors means being active. Children that play outside tend to run around more and be more physically active. As physical activity equates to better physical and mental health, it’s important that all children indulge periodically.

Schools of all levels encourage outdoor play by getting the children outside during break times and even occasionally during lessons.

  1. Social Skills

When you are playing outdoor means engaging with others. It doesn’t matter what form of game play your child undertakes, they will need to interact with others. This improves their social skills and helps them to grow in confidence. Being able to interact with others is an essential skill for the future. Something as simple as playing outdoors can reinforce this skill and help your child to be a well-adjusted adult.

It’s worth noting that outdoor play has also been linked with better attention spans. Science isn’t sure why this is the case.

  1. outdoor play for childrenImagination

There are many occasions during the day when children are asked to be imaginative. But, the best ones are when they are engaged in outdoor play. At this point, they are being imaginative because they want to be, not because they’re being told to be. That makes a big difference;

Building imagination helps children to find solutions for issues, in effect to think outside of the box. It’s another useful skill that all children should develop.

  1. Sensory Skills

Children need to develop their awareness of the space around them, what they can see, hear, feel, and sense. Playing outdoors gives them the opportunity to do just that. It doesn’t matter what type of game they are playing outdoors, it will help their skills and spatial awareness.

In fact, research also suggests that children who play outside have better distance vision than those who stay inside. This is simply a case of using the abilities they have and they’ll improve. Sitting in front of a game console uses sight and sound but very little else, playing outdoors engages all the senses and helps them to improve.

  1. ImmunityPlaying outdoors

Finally, and particularly relevant during the COVID-A9 pandemic, children that play outdoors will build better immune systems.

Put simply, they’ll be exposed to more germs and will, therefore, build a tolerance to more germs. This will help them to stay healthy even when disease is circling the globe.

Additionally, watching your child play outdoors, or even joining in with them, is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have as a parent. Embrace it and enjoy it!

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