The Woman’s Guide to Avoiding Foot Pain

Foot pain is something many women deal with, and it can be unbearable. The following is your trustworthy guide to avoiding this pain from now on.

Comfortable Shoes

One of the most important steps to take is wearing comfortable wedges and other footwear for everyday things. All of your shoes need to be comfortable and fit well. If you feel any pressure, then that shoe is not right for you. High heel shoes are not helpful, and wedges can give you that height many women want and prevent discomfort. When you try your shoes on, be sure to walk around with them on different terrain to see how you feel. It may be hard to get rid of uncomfortable shoes if they’re cute, but you should do this.


Watch Your Weight

weight and foot painYou need to make sure you watch your weight. The weight of your body falls on your feet, so if you start to become overweight, you’re going to feel more pain. There’s a lot of things you can do to maintain a healthy weight, like talking to a dietitian who can help find the right diet for you. If that doesn’t work for you, consider talking to a trainer at your gym who can come up with a routine that’ll help you stay in shape. Of course, you can just start being more active, like making sure you run every so often or go out for a long walk.

Stay Flexible

The next thing you should worry about is your flexibility. The older you get, the more your muscles stiffen up. This means your feet are going to feel more pressure, and that leads to pain. If you want to avoid this, stretch before you do anything. You want to focus on your legs and calves, especially if you have a very active lifestyle. People don’t notice a difference at the beginning, so be patient when putting this suggestion to practice.


Try to Rest

Those who stand up all day should take advantage of every break. Sit down the moment you’re able to; this will give your feet a chance to rest. If your job makes it difficult to do this, then consider changing your job because you shouldn’t have to stand all day. When you walk, try to be mindful of each step so that you can learn to be more gentle. A lot of people have a heavy step, and that could cause pain over time. When you are gentle, you allow your feet to rest even if you haven’t had the opportunity to sit down just yet.



Stay Hydrated

waterDo your best to drink water all the time. You’re doing this because when you are dehydrated you have a higher chance of getting a foot cramp. These can be quite painful, especially if you’re working on your feet all day. Ideally, you should drink about two liters of water a day. Be sure to drink water or milk because other drinks won’t hydrate you, so stay away from sodas or energy drinks and stick with water.


These are some things you can do to avoid foot pain. You should talk to a foot doctor to see if he or she has additional suggestions for you.


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