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How to improve your health

Many people fantasize about winning the lottery. You’d have all the money in the world to travel, buy a new home and basically buy whatever you want. However, money can’t buy everything. Health and happiness are important for every human being. Listed below are several ways to pick yourself up and improve your health so you can start leading a fulfilling life.

How You Look Affects Your Feelings

improve your health

It always seems that when you decide to leave home and make a quick run to the store for a few things, you run into someone from your past. You see them and try to dart the other way quickly, but it’s too late. There you are with your hair unkempt and wearing your house sweats. To top it off, your friend is wearing a tailored suit, with beautiful colored gemstones and looks amazing. Life is funny that way, however, you’re not laughing. You feel insecure and embarrassed. In the end, those few minutes you take to fix yourself before heading out can make all the difference in the way you feel about yourself.

Diet and Exercise


Everyone has a bad day when they indulge in their favorite foods or skip the gym to hang out at home. However, a regular practice of eating right and exercising at least 2 to 3 days each week, will keep your body fit, your mind sharp and your emotions stable. A few extra pounds combined with flab sets you up for serious health issues in the future. Eliminating foods high in sugar, salt, and unhealthy fats will prevent you from gaining weight. With regard to exercise, any type will provide results. If you love to dance, take a dance class. If you enjoy swimming, take a few laps. So long as it’s a physical activity that increases your heart rate, you’ll get in shape and burn calories.

Become a Positive Person

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Going through life with negative thoughts will make you unhappy and harm your health. When you think the worst in every aspect of your life, you put your body through excessive amounts of stress. Over time this can cause high blood pressure and the breakdown of your immune system. However, when you think that anything is possible, you remain calm and content with life. There will be days that challenge your resolve, but if you take the shots as they come and remain positive, the world will turn rosy. Take it one step further, and avoid spending a lot of time with other people who think negatively.

Type A Personality

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People with Type A personalities feel that they must do everything and do it right. Many parents with this type of personality stress their children out by only doing things a certain way.  At the office, type A is on top of their game, a workaholic who can’t say no. They also expect their co-workers and friends to follow suit. If this sounds like you, your health is at risk. Living with subconscious stress day and night can cause you to have a stroke or a heart attack. When you feel overwhelmed, take a 5-minute break and simply breathe. Taking a yoga class and meditating each evening before retiring will release the day’s bottled feelings and allow you to fall into a deep soothing sleep.

Drink Water Often

The Truth About Water Weight and How to Lose It

Most people simply don’t drink enough water, ever. Water is essential to both your physical and mental health. Consuming adequate amounts of water will keep you hydrated, your skin soft and smooth, your mind sharp and your organs happy. While doctors may have different recommendations for the amount you should consume daily, on average six 8-ounce glasses will work. If you engage in activities out in the elements or a high-impact workout, increase the amount.

Health and happiness might seem like unreachable goals but they don’t have to be. Use the techniques outlined here to help make those goals more attainable and improve your health.


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