All-Natural Ways of Eliminating Termites

All-Natural Ways to Eliminate Termites

Eliminate TermitesPut simply, termites are bad news. They eat wood, which means if you have any wood in your home they will enjoy eating it. It may not sound like a lot when you say a small colony can eat through 12 inches of 2×4 in six months, but, increase the size of the colony and this can be a much larger figure. In addition, most houses won’t do very well with a foot of wood missing! That’s why if you think you have a termite issue you need to get hold of your local pest control experts immediately. They can help to eliminate termites and prevent them from returning.

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There are several natural options you can try to eliminate termites. The following should work. However, it is advisable to verify the success with the professionals, ensuring the problem is eliminated is essential when dealing with termites.


Termites enter the foundations of your homes through the soil that exists around your home. They simply dig mud tunnels to get to the wooden foundations. You’ll notice the mud tunnels around the exterior edge of your home.

It’s possible to cover the tunnel. But, if the termites are still active the tunnel will be uncovered within a day or two. If not there will be a new tunnel next to the old one.



These parasitic worms love eating termites. You’ll find them for sale online or in specialty stores. Simply put them in the areas where you think the termites are active and they’ll start eating them. They’ll reproduce and won’t stop until all the termites are gone.


Vinegar has a huge number of uses in the home and eliminating termites is one of those uses. Add half a cup of vinegar to the juice from two lemons and place it in a spray bottle. Because this mixture is acidic it will start to kill the termites as soon as it comes into contact with them. You spray them directly or cover the areas you know they currently occupy. Wondering how to keep ticks off your lawn? Soak cotton balls in undiluted vinegar and place them around the yard or garden.


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Termites are almost vampire-like in their reaction to sunlight. The heat of the sun dries them out, effectively killing the termites.

This works if you have termite-infested furniture as you can place it outside in the sun. Of course, it’s more difficult with the beams in your house. Fortunately, UV lights can help with this, set them up in the infected areas of your home, and within a few days, the wood beams will no longer be habitable to termites.

Wet Cardboard

This doesn’t actually kill the termites but it does allow you to get rid of them. Simply spray the cardboard with water and leave it on the floor. It will attract termites. You can then pick up the cardboard and burn it, eliminating the termites on it.

This approach can be repeated as many times as you like to ensure all the termites have been eradicated.



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