Support No Baby Unhugged

Support No Baby Unhugged

National Hugging Day is an annual holiday occurring on January 21. With hug day being a week away I want to tell you about the “No Baby Unhugged” program. The No Baby Unhugged program is a Canadian initiative by Huggies Canada.  The program involves volunteers visiting Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to hug and cuddle newborns, providing them with the touch they need to thrive should circumstances prevent a parent from being at their newborn’s side.

All volunteers go through screening and training.

Human touch improves outcomes for babiesbaby

Plenty of medical studies have shown that all forms of touch are beneficial to babies. In fact over 600 scientific papers have been published on the effects of human touch on babies.

With roughly 500 babies per year being admitted to neonatal and intensive care units across Canada, the benefits of hugs help these babies gain weight, stabilize their heart rates and improve oxygen levels.

Support No Baby Unhugged- Free Huggies Diapers and Wipes

Show how much you believe in hugs by supporting No Baby Unhugged. Huggies will in return thank you for your support by sending you a FREE package of Huggies Diapers and Wipes for your newborn. To accept this offer sign up for Huggies Brand Rewards or log into your already existing account.

Upload a photo of your baby bump or you and your newborn baby (baby must be 3 months of age or less to qualify for the offer). Huggies will in return donate $5 to the “No Baby Unhugged” program for your submission.

I hope this program comes available to more hospitals across Canada.

For more information on No Baby Unhugged go to

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