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Creating a fun Makeup Bag with advice from Lime Crime

Makeup is many things to many people. For many women, it’s a wonderful form of self expression. Wearing makeup lets women play around with their look. One day, they might opt for something formal. The next, it’s all about the use of unexpected color. Those at Lime Crime understand exactly how to use makeup. They know that many women love having lots of makeup on hand for any occasion. In order to make it easier to apply and allow people to tell the world what they’re thinking on any given day, they suggest having the following kinds of makeup on hand in any makeup bag.

Colorful HighlighterColorful Highlighter

Color is in true fashion again. Women everywhere are tired of boring shades that do nothing for them. They want to find ways to bring in color into their lives again. This is why many women look for products that offer at least some hint of color on a dull day. At Lime Crime, they’ve stepped up to the plate with glorious kinds of highlighters that sparkle from every angle. This makes it easy to find a different shade for every single day of the week.

Multiple Choices

Women also look for ways to keep lots of different choices in makeup on hand. A woman may be feeling very adventurous one day and then perhaps less outgoing the next. She needs to have makeup bundles that let her find what she needs each day quickly. Having a selection of items on hand lets women pick out the one that suits her most. She can keep lots of different types of lipsticks there along with different shades of other kinds of makeup. An organized makeup bag keeps every single item she needs on hand in pristine condition.

Eyeshadow That Popseyeshadow

Ordinary eyeshadow won’t cut it anymore. Women are increasingly looking for new shades that bring in something special. They want eyeshadow that shines. They want eyeshadow that says they are in front of the cutting edge of fashion and intend to stay there. This is where a well stocked makeup bag comes in handy. A good makeup bag should have eyeshadow that a woman loves using. Many women find it ideal to keep many shades of eyeshadow on hand. A palette of shades offers the chance to switch out an old look for something newer and more up to date.

Makeup Applicators

Learning to apply makeup can take many years of practice. Many women have a highly specific routine they stick to each day. They may have products they trust as they know such products will give them the best results. A well stocked makeup bag should include the woman’s best makeup applicators. This allows a woman to quickly bring out items that she knows will give her the look that suits her best. Makeup bags help by preventing contamination. The applicators stay safely away from other products in her bag, keeping them fresh and making it easy for her to apply any touch ups.

Lip GlossLime Crime

Once a hot product, lip gloss is again at the forefront of fashion. Lip gloss is endlessly adaptable. It’s an excellent way to add instant color and light to the lips. Many women have a kind of favorite lip gloss that they like best. Lime Crime has a popular line of gloss called Wet Cherry Gloss and it comes in 22 different colors. A small vial of the product easily fits in any makeup bag. This means that any woman can bring it up and gently press it against her lips. This way, she’ll look and feel professional. The availability of fun kinds of modern colors make lip gloss even easier to coordinate with any outfit.

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4 thoughts on “Creating a fun Makeup Bag with advice from Lime Crime

  1. Lipgloss is a staple for me. I really love your suggestions. I love all of my brushes. I do need some more eyeshadows that “pop”! I’m so used to the neutrals.

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