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Top 6 Best Office Ready Hair Styles

With hair care tips from and many other fashion websites, you can never exhaust the ideas of maintaining your looks. However, for working women, life is not that easy. You need to be productive at work, handle your house chores, and still spare some time for your family. Despite all the stress, rush and limited time, it is critical to always look and feel good. Therefore, learning some quick beauty tips hacks can be very useful, especially for moments when you need to look good yet you have no time. Here we have some of the best office ready hair styles for those mornings when you are late getting out the door.

The Role Your Hair Plays

For every woman, the hair is the first thing that people will notice. It enhances your beauty and defines your personality. Your hair is such an important part of your looks and completes your entire appearance.

A great hairstyle speaks volume about you and can do wonders for you:

  • It enhances your natural beauty.
  • Can make you look professional.
  • Creates a lasting impression.
  • Makes you look smarter and capable.
  • Can hide other beauty flaws.
  • Gives you confidence.

With the following 6 office ready hairstyles tips, you no longer have to compromise your appearance even when you are rushing against time.

Best Office Ready Hair Styles When You Are in a Hurry

Woke up late and have no time to comb your tresses? Do not panic. You can try the following 6 super-fast hairstyles to be office-ready in a matter of no time.

  1. Simple French Roll

This is a perfect style when you have an official meeting, presentation or an interview, and it only takes you a few minutes to get it done. You only need to have a comb and bobby pins.

  • Comb your hair into the left side and then pull the hair from left to right, rolling the ends around your hand.
  • Hold the roll in place and secure it by pushing bobby pins into the right side of the roll.
  • Tuck in the ends into the bottom of the roll and again secure them with pins.


  1. Half Crown Braid

For women with medium to long locks, the half-crown braid will allow you to wear the hair down and off your face. Only two simple braids on either curl or straight hair, you are ready to go. If your hair has bangs or fringes, you may choose to pin them with bobby pins or leave the loose.

  • Take a small section of hair (1-2 inches) on both sides of the head, just above the ears and plait each section to form a braid.
  • Secure each braid with a rubber band and then roll them back around the head, pinning the first one in place with bobby pins.
  • Cross the second braid over the first one and tuck the edge securing it with bobby pins.
  • If the hair is too long, you can fold the braids before pinning them.


  1. The Modern Messy BunMagic Ponytail Hair Extensions 

This style makes even the knotted hair look polished in a minute. If you are in a hurry, just spare a minute or two to refine your tresses.

  • First, brush the hair up into a high ponytail and slide a headband placing nearly 1 inch off your hairline.
  • Twist the ponytail into a bun and secure the bun with bobby pins around the edges.
  • You may wiggle up with a pencil or the comb tail to add some volume.


  1. The Twist and Pintwist and pin hair

Twist and pin is another quick hairstyle that can fix your bedhead instantly without stressing yourself with straighteners in the morning.

  • Pick about a 1-inch section of your hair, near your temple and twist it back (away from your face).
  • Secure the twist with a bobby pin slightly above the ear, placing the pin in a diagonal angle. Push a second pin over the first one to form an X-shape.


  1. The Easy Chignon

This is another simple yet fashionable hairstyle for office-going women who always have to rush in the morning.

  • Smooth your hair and then section out the front and the side hair, holding the sections with bobby pins.
  • Create a bun with the bottom section of the hair and twist the side hairs into the bun.
  • Secure the ends with chip pins.
  1. The Hunny Bun

hunny bun hair

This a perfect hairstyle for several occasions and works perfectly for women with long hair.

  • Brush your hair up into a high ponytail and tie it at the bottom.
  • Get a sock and cut out the foot, then side the sock into the ponytail.
  • Tuck in your hair firmly into the sock to form a perfectly shaped bun.
  • You can spray the hair with a hairspray to make it tight and smart.

Summing Up

Though office-going women are always short of time for hair grooming, there is no excuse for having a bad hair day. With the above 6 office ready hair styles, you can easily polish your hair in under 2 mins. However, not all style swill suit your hair. You should go for hairstyles that work for your hair type and length, as well as use the right accessories to get the best results.

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