The Road Trip: An American Experience

The Road Trip: An American Experience

road tripOne of the greatest features of our country is that we can simply hop into our cars and drive anywhere we want with almost little to no state or federal checkpoints. The road trip is almost as American as apple pie because it conveys the freedom we have as citizens of the United States. However, to truly take advantage of all the incredible sites and cities that our country has to offer, we must first write down a road trip plan. This blueprint, if you will, can help you gain the most out of your road trip. In addition, we will also mention some of the essential supplies that you will need for the long drive including spare tires, flares, and much more.

Now For the Dull But Important Stuff!

Although planning a road trip is one of the most exciting things we can do with our friends and family, the fact is that you must also prepare for the unexpected. This can involve checking to see what your car insurance plan covers. Can you file a Utah insurance claim within another state? Questions like these are what can potentially save your road trip in the event of an accident. Other essentials to pack on the trip are roadside supplies such as reflective cones, a battery/solar powered flashlight, and, of course, a spare tire along with the necessary tools. We would also suggest temporarily investing in roadside assistance; a must when you get stuck in unfamiliar territory.

Should You Have a Destination?

Though most trips are labeled a “road trip,” the fact is that a true road trip must have multiple destinations instead of one only. So we’ve gathered some of the best locations to visit in America. Whatever part of the country you live in, America has something for everyone.

The Grand Canyongrand canyon

Theodore Roosevelt once said after seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time, “Arizona has a natural wonder which is in kind absolutely unparalleled throughout the rest of the world.” Later that year, President Roosevelt would declare the Grand Canyon a national monument. In addition to being so highly spoken of by one of our greatest presidents, the Grand Canyon also holds a rich history of past native American tribes as well as mysteries yet to be uncovered.

The Rock & Roll Hall of FameRock & Roll Hall of Fame

Rock and roll has been a staple of American culture with multiple musical artists taking inspiration from the genre. Located in Detroit, Michigan, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is a must visit during your road trip. If you’re lucky and happen to visit during the three years when new inductees are included, you must just see some of the greatest rock and rollers to grace our radios.

The White HouseThe White House

One of the greatest privileges we have in our country is that we can visit the home of our commander in chief. No matter your political affiliation, a tour of the White House will always convey to us the strength of our democracy and allow us at the same time to witness the physical history of it. The White House is a perfect stop for any family road trip.

Snacks and Playtime

What we find as a relaxing drive across the country, children might see it as simply sitting in the care for hours upon hours. One of the best methods of demonstrating to children the curiosity of seeing our country and discovering new things is through books pertaining to exploration and curiosity. Snacks are another great way to help children stay full between stops. America is an incredibly large country and, therefore, food isn’t readily available in some place on the open road. One of the best suggestions for road trip snacks is trail mix. Trail mix can not only help curb the appetite of young children, but it also possesses many healthy ingredients. In addition, trail mix is a widely liked snack food for both the young and the older kids.

Rent a Bus

If you are traveling with a large group many bus services have a fleet of buses to accommodate any kind of trip. Lubbock bus for rent allows you to travel in comfort. Many buses come fully loaded with TVs, Aux/iPod connections, comfortable seating, and mood lighting.

Although these are just a few recommendations we suggest before taking your next road trip, we highly advise doing additional research in an effort to tailor your plans to yours and your families liking. So, what are you waiting for? Go out there and enjoy everything our amazing country has to offer. Safe travels!

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