How Working Mothers Can Deal With The Stress of a Promotion

stressTo whom much is given, much is required. You worked your butt off for this promotion, but now that you finally got it, the pressures of being good at what you accomplish can be enough to stress you out. While some stress can be the very driving force behind your performance, too much of it could stagnate your progress and steer you further from your goals. Though stress and frustration go with the territory of moving up the corporate ladder, how you handle it plays a significant role in your continued success and happiness.

Learn to Cope Before You Burnout

stressTaking on this new position may have brought with it some anxiety. You’re excited you were chosen, but you’re afraid of how you’ll perform. Will the new team like you? Can you grasp new concepts quickly? Are you qualified to perform as good as the last person in the position? Can you handle the demands of the job and still be there like you need to for your family? There is a lot running through your mind, and if you don’t learn how to cope, these racing thoughts could lead to a burnout. Signs you’ve already reached this point include:

  • You have to drag yourself to work.
  • You’re very irritable and critical.
  • You don’t have the energy to remain productive all day.
  • You have begun using food, drugs, or alcohol to ease the tension.
  • You’re taking out your frustrations at home.
  • You experience unexplained body aches.

If you perceive yourself in any of these signs you need to make a change for the better.This is especially accurate if you’ve started depending on drugs, alcohol, or food to mask the feelings. You can start by finding a local drug detox center to get sober. You may also want to talk to a therapist about what you’re going through if you feel the problem goes beyond the workplace.Lastly, you’ll want to start making changes in the office that ease some of the pressures.

Tackling Workplace Stress

In order to prevent stress from taking over your professional and personal life, it is essential to learn effective coping mechanisms for stress. Some strategies you might consider including are the following:

  • Don’t be so Hard on Yourself (Stay positive)

People are sometimes their own worst critics. Too much self-doubt can result in increased levels of stress. Often focusing too hard on what could go wrong could lead to something actually going wrong. Thus, give yourself a break. Think positively. You were chosen for this promotion which means you earned it and your bosses feel you will do a good job. The more “power thoughts” you have, the more empowered you feel to walk in the office every day with confidence.

  • Identify Your Stress

Knowing what stresses you out about your new position can help you to develop more positive responses to them. Are you weighed down by your new workload? Is the morale of the office low? Are you fearful of losing your job? Perhaps you’re dealing with some conflict with another worker?

  • Find Positive Ways to Cope

Instead of flying off the handle at your coworkers or heading home and easing your frustrations with a bottle of wine, find positive ways to cope with the stress. For instance, if your coworker is ruffling your feathers, calmly step away from the situation and take a walk around to cool off. If the problem gets out of hand, don’t hesitate to convey this to a superior. If you had an overload of tasks to complete, instead of heading home and consuming alcohol, head home and spend time with the kids or go to the gym and blow off some steam.

  • Take a Break

Taking time away from the office is also recommended to reduce your stress levels. As much as you want to prove you have what it takes, you need time where work is the last thing on your mind. Set boundaries by not answering the phone or emails after hours, taking a random day off and pamper yourself. Or take the week off and enjoy a nice vacation with the family.

Being promoted is a great thing. Nevertheless, you can’t allow the pressures of moving up a level in your career to side-track your goals and ambition. If you’re dealing with a great deal of stress lately and are on the brink of a burnout, getting help is recommended. Otherwise, use the above-mentioned tips to find effective ways to tackle workplace stress.

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