Baby Steps for Those Who Struggle With Losing Weight

Loose weightLet’s just put it out there, losing weight is hard. Not only must you learn new eating habits and get more active, but it’s changing your entire mindset and removing old habits which can be hard to break. For most people, this struggle causes them to give up on the concept altogether and revert back to unhealthy habits from the past. If this sounds like you, perhaps taking baby steps can help you stay motivated.

One Step at a Time

When you’re used to lounging on the couch in your spare time or indulging in sweet, greasy, or processed foods on a regular basis, giving those things up isn’t going to be easy. While going “cold turkey” for some is the way to let go of addictions and bad habits, it is not the best solution for everyone. Determining your weaknesses with health and fitness and working at conquering them one at a time is often the best solution.

Below, is a look at some little things you can do to start losing weight.

Swap Out Your Carbs

carbsConsuming too much starch, which is found in white carbohydrates like bread and rice, can lead to a host of health problems. As the starch breaks down in the body it turns into sugar which is one of the leading causes of weight gain and unwanted belly fat.

So, as a baby step towards improving your health, swap out your white carbs for brown ones. Consuming high fiber foods like gluten-free pasta, and brown rice or sweet potatoes is easier on the digestive system. Helping you to feel fuller longer, you’ll boost your metabolism and start to see improvements in your weight.

Take Daily Vitamins and Supplements

Unfortunately, most adults don’t get enough of the vitamins and nutrients they need from the foods and beverages they consume. However, the body requires the right amount of nutrients and vitamins to remain healthy and properly function.

To make sure you’re fueling your body right each day, consider taking a daily vitamin and supplements. Helping to improve everything from the immune system to the digestive and skeletal system, taking just a few pills each day will help give your body the energy it needs to continually burn fat, remove toxins, and ward off disease.

Get Active Once a Week (And Work Your Way Up)

Loose weightPart of losing weight and keeping it off is eating right, the other half is getting active. You need to burn calories and getting your heart rate up is the most effective way to do this. Instead of the idea of sticking to a exercise routine or going to the gym, just get active. You can join a dance class, take yoga, go for a 30-minute walk, or walk around the mall (without going in the stores to shop). Do this at least one day a week for 30 minutes. As this becomes a habit, increase your activity level based on your comfort until you reach 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week.

There is no cookie cutter solution to losing weight. It will be a different journey for everyone. If you’ve been struggling with losing weight or just becoming a healthier person, slowing down and taking baby steps can help. When you break a big goal into smaller, actionable steps, it helps you to reach the end faster. As you master the above-mentioned tips, continue to add healthy things to your list like starting a weight loss and diet program or joining a gym.


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