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Photowall canvas prints make great gifts

photowallPhoto gifts make the ideal gift for the hard to shop for person. Canvas Prints have become the most popular form of modern wall art around.

Imagine Grandma’s face when she opens her gift and sees her grandchildren smiling up at her from her photo canvas!

With so many Canvas print shops online ordering is super easy. There is no rushing around the busy mall for a gift.

The perfect photo gifts can be ordered and delivered right to your door. Over the years we have used a number of digital printing services with the latest being Photowall. Their canvas prints are made from 100 % cotton and can be ordered with or without do it yourself frames. Photowall’s canvas prints are environmentally friendly, fire-retardant and do not fade in sunlight.

If you don’t have your own photo to turn into canvas, Photowall carries various canvas prints featuring classic motifs divided into  several categories, including, for example, animals, landscape, cities, film, sports and much more. All canvas prints can be re-sized and ordered with or without tenter. Photowall offers so many beautiful types of art work! They make it easy to find art for everyone you’re shopping for no matter their taste.

Do-it-yourself frame Canvas Print

PhotowallWe brought out daughter’s love of ballet into our home with a professionally printed, ready to display canvas print from Photowall. The photo is the artwork of Gerd Altmann from Germany.

The canvas arrived pre-shipped and ready to assemble. The framing is pre-drilled and 3m tape is applied to the outside edge to make fastening the canvas  quick and easy.

Inside the box is a set of instructions on how to put the frame and canvas together, 4 sides of framing, and 4 L brackets that fasten the entire frame together. The 16 screws that are used to fasten the L brackets to the frame are simple thumb turn knobs.

We didn’t need any tools to assemble the frame and canvas. However, we did need a Philips screw driver to fasten the wall hanger to the wood frame after completing the first step.

I recommend using your kitchen table and placing the frame down with all the corners align together. Once they are laid out you simply apply an L bracket to each corner by lining up with the pre-drilled holes. Use one of the thumb turn bolts to fasten the L brackets to the frame.

Repeat this step for the remaining 3 corners until the frame is all together. Next move the frame and roll out your designed canvas. You will notice each corner of the canvas is already pre cut to insure a good fastening around the frame and corners.

PhotowallNext remove the 2- sided 3m tape attached to the frame, all the way around. Then place the frame onto your designed canvas. Line the frame up on the canvas and once satisfied, start applying the canvas to the edge of the frame pushing firmly against the 3m tape. Once you have one side fastened to the 3m tape, you want to do the same thing on the opposite side to insure it’s evenly applied. You will repeat this until the entire canvas is attached to the entire frame.

Now fasten the wall hanger to the wood frame. You will need your Philips screw driver to screw in the screw. That’s it, you’re done.

We have not yet hung our Canvas Print, as we are redesigning our daughter’s bedroom after the holidays, but we know that the canvas print we ordered will be a welcomed addition. Photowall did an excellent job!

Photowall produces made-to-measure wall murals and canvas prints. They work with talented designers from around the world, creating inspiring wall décor. Why not pay them a visit today at

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  1. oh i love the do it yourself option! i have only actually ordered canvas online (I love the look of canvas) but i have not attempted doing one on my own. Definitely would make for a fun project

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