Royal Canadian Candles-Ring Candle Giveaway

Royal Canadian CandlesRoyal Canadian Candles is a great experience for Christmas gift giving when your recipient is waiting with anticipation to reveal what hidden ring will surface once the wax melts. Started by two men, Royal Canadian Candles is a 100% Canadian owned and operated business located in Brantford Ontario. The rings that you unveil from inside the wax have a retail value from $80-$5000.

The candles from Royal Canadian Candles are overall, very impressive. While they do not have as wide of a scent selection as a other brands, the scents that they do have are very pleasing.

The French Vanilla Latte is just the scent you need for a cold winter day. If you love the smell of vanilla then you will love the smell of this candle. The scent lasts awhile, lingering in the air for hours after burning, which is a huge plus. The candle itself is a 100% soy wax candle. The candles come in a jar with a twist off top. Aside from the great jar, the candle has a label design that is a perfect fit

This is the 1st wooden wick candle I have owned and I experienced candle tunneling with my candle. I quickly learned from the company that you do not want to let these wicks go untrimmed for too long. It is recommended to burn the candles for no more than four hours at a time. Extinguish them after four hours, allow them to cool for two hours and then trim the wick again before you relight them. When relighting your candle you must snap off the top of wick to even up the wick and create a straight wick which measures around an 1/8th of an inch in height. If you follow these steps then you shouldn’t have any issue with the wick.

Personally, I now dislike wood wicks. Royal Canadian Candles, however were quick to replace my candle with a candle that did not include a wooden wick. Their customer service is excellent.

My candle burned for about 8 hours, before I was able to see the foil containing my ring. We allowed the wax around it to liquefy Candles with Surprise Ring Insidebefore my husband attempted the removal. Then, we blew out the candle and removed the package quite easily with a pair of tweezers. The foil unwrapped rather easily, and inside, sealed in a tiny plastic bag, was my ring!

At Royal Canadian Candles you get to pick the size of your ring, so my ring was a perfect fit. It appears that the ring has a retail value of $120.00.

All rings come with a tag that has a code attached to them. To find the value of whichever ring you receive you must take a picture of your ring and then you must go to their Facebook page and post a photo of your ring and your code. Someone from Royal Canadian Candles will reply with the value of your ring.

rings in candlesThe regular ring candles will cost you $44.88. While this price may seem a little high at first, when you take into account that the shipping is only $9.45 CAD as opposed to the $20 USD+ from the American companies. It becomes a great savings if you are a Canadian.

Candles aren’t the only products available from Royal Canadian Candles either. The company also carries wax melts and bath bombs. I have yet to sample my wax melts, but will update this post when I do.

All in all, I hope this particular review has given you a better understanding of Royal Canadian Candles. If you are new to the whole ring in candle concept or even if you are not it is worth it to give them a look.


Royal Canadian Candles Giveaway

Royal Canadian Candles-Ring Candle

Royal Canadian Candles wants to make your Christmas a little bit merrier, so they are giving away not one, but five Royal Canadian Candles $20.00 gift certificates to 5 lucky Canadian winners. One person per household may enter and you must be a Canadian resident 18 years or over to qualify.

Royal Canadian Candles Giveaway

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17 thoughts on “Royal Canadian Candles-Ring Candle Giveaway

  1. I love candles and the ring in these ones adds a fun surprise so I’d keep it for myself. I’m torn between the Marshmallow scent because it sounds like it smells amazing and the Santa Farts candle because it’s hilarious 😉

  2. I was just looking at candles like these today. The price is fair. I would love to try the monkey farts becuase it’s sounds pretty funny

  3. oh my gosh – I would have to try Monkey Farts – hilarious – and I would keep this for myself 😀 thanks for the chance!

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