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Discover GE Enbrighten– Lighting for Life

GE Plug-In Motion light

LED lighting is a technology that is continuously advancing, surpassing traditional lighting options. Explore the future of lighting with portable GE Enbrighten light fixtures. Jasco has recently unveiled these lights that operate in the space between a night light and a wall sconce.

Featuring full range dimming and a sleek stainless steel exterior, GE Enbrighten LED lights are perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, bedrooms, or any room in your house.

We currently have one installed in our hallway and living room.

The GE Enbrighten luminaire touch on/off guide light is an energy-efficient solution for night lighting. The fixture comes with a picture-frame-type stand for tabletop use, or it can be mounted on the wall. It can also be used as a handheld light.

Equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb, this light fixture provides ample light for those late-night trips to the freezer for ice cream or to the bathroom.

The battery-operated touch on/off guide light runs on six AA-cell batteries, which can power the fixture for approximately eight months, with longer battery life in low-usage areas.

Perfect for both kids and adults, Enbrighten night lights are ideal for providing a sense of security during the night.

With Enbrighten, the light automatically turns off after an hour, making it a great night light for children and adults alike.

Travel Tip of the Day: Bring a Nightlight

GE Enbrighten LED Night Light

During a recent overnight trip to Toronto, I brought my GE Enbrighten luminaire touch on/off guide light with me. It was compact enough to fit in my overnight bag and helped my daughter sleep soundly through the night. Nightlights are an essential part of many children’s bedtime routines, and sleeping in a different place can be unsettling for young ones. Enbrighten can help ease those fears.


Motion Sensor Indoor Light Fixtures

GE Enbrighten® Plug In, Motion Sensing LED Light Bar with Brushed Nickel Finish

Motion sensor light switches are gaining popularity in households, and rightfully so. They not only enhance safety and security in your home but also contribute to saving money.

Enbrighten® motion-sensing plug-in night light activates automatically upon detecting motion up to 25 feet away. The dimmer switch, conveniently located under the front edge, allows you to adjust the light intensity from 100% to 10%, providing the flexibility to switch from full brightness to a softer glow. This night light is equivalent to a 40W incandescent bulb, making it a unique and practical lighting solution.


My eyes have a new love.

This GE Plug-In Motion light has proven to be extremely useful during my nighttime visits to the bathroom. Although it doesn’t solve my frequent need to urinate, it does prevent any potential injuries that may occur while trying to navigate in the dark. With its instant illumination as I approach, I no longer have to stumble and stub my toe on the way.

The Enbrighten® motion-sensing plug in night light is also a convenient solution for individuals with limited mobility, such as my eldest daughter. It eliminates the hassle of fumbling with light switches and we are considering ordering two for her residence.

Furthermore, these night lights would be highly practical in the bathroom, especially for my youngest daughter who is not yet tall enough to reach the light switch easily.

Uzma Powell’s introduction to Enbrighten has been greatly appreciated by me. It has truly had a positive impact.

You can also explore the limitless potential of GE Enbrighten – lighting for life.

Any opinions?



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  1. Oh I need a couple of these. And I also like the sleek look of them too. I am always stubbing my toes in the dark. I could also use one in the R.v.

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