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colorama game

Learning about shapes and colors is a necessary step in your preschooler’s education. Color is one of the first ways your preschooler makes distinctions among things she sees. By incorporating colors to describe various items, your child expands their vocabulary too. One obvious reason for learning about shapes is to practice geometry skills. Recognizing shapes is also a a pre-reading skill,...[Read More]

A Different Kind of Safari

One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is the gift of reading. I have recently had the pleasure of reading a wonderful book, “A Different Kind of Safari”, with my seven year old daughter. This book is not only very well written, but also a great teaching tool.  The book is 32 pages with colorful illustrations on nearly every page. The target age of the reader runs from 9 to...[Read More]

Squirt the otter

The story of Squirt the otter by Tracy L. Mikowski is heartfelt true story of an orphaned otter that with the help of others found happiness. The author, Tracy L. Mikowski, wrote this book first hand as she was the actual person to rescue and take care of Squirt. The story begins with Squirt, the otter, alone and scared in a farmer’s field. She is awoken by the nudge of a large dog’s nose. T...[Read More]

Shopkins Top Trumps

The best way for your young child to learn is through fun and repeatable activities. Did you know some of the best learning tools for your child(ren) are right at your fingertips? There are all sorts of fun Preschool games that promote learning concepts such as sorting, counting, and matching. Puzzles are a great way to enforce sorting as well as matching. Memory match games make it easy for kids ...[Read More]

Miss Lucy's Monograms

The monogram has become fashion’s new favorite way to stand out from the crowd. Monograms date back to the Victorian era when the bourgeoisie, monogrammed everything and anything. Originally they were used as a sign of royalty and status. Today, monograms continue to flourish. More and more people are choosing to give monogrammed gifts to friends and loved ones, because they are so personal.  From...[Read More]

+ Bacon Double Cheese Poutine (aconBay oubleDay eeseChay outinePay) on Bacon Day! I must confess! I have a poutine addiction. Do you know who makes a really great poutine? You guessed correctly, New York Fries. In celebration of International Bacon Day (September 5) and the launch of the new Bacon Double Cheese Poutine, New York Fries is giving away 108, 24-carat gold plated poutine forks across C...[Read More]

Whether you’re heading back to school or just back to the office, now is the perfect time to pick yourself up some essential stationary items from Peter Pauper Press. Because no one can never have too many sticky notes in their possession, these stylish Sticky Notes Portfolios add pizzazz to page flags, reminders, and messages. Each set includes more than 500 designer sticky notes, plus pads in di...[Read More]

Writing Journals

While the blogosphere may have has reinvented the Internet and revolutionized how the ordinary person communicates with the world, adolescents and adults are still turning to a writing journal to organization their thoughts. For centuries, Journals have been used as a form of emotional release. Writing can do wonders for ones health. Are you aware that regular journaling strengthens immune cells, ...[Read More]

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