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Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over by Hilary Grist is the latest addition to The Secret Mountain’s catalog of books and the newest story added to my daughter’s collection. Tomorrow is a Chance to Start Over is a story about brother and sister, Ira and Isabelle, who live in a little red house by the sea. One night they find themselves struggling to fall asleep, so they decide to sail off in s...[Read More]

Flashing led blinky lights, body lights and other such items offer sparkling light combined with attractive colors to any celebration. Be it you are celebrating a special birthday, Canada Day, Independence Day, commonly known as the Fourth of July, or hosting a bachelorette party, these flashing accessories make a bold statement. Some of the products, which are a hit among children are glow sticks...[Read More]

Dress your kids like a celebrity kid If you have been reading my blog for awhile now then you know how much I love children’s clothing. This summer, I have made lots of room in my daughter’s closet for Toobydoo. Founded in 2009 by designer Paul Lips, Toobydooo puts the fun in functional with a comfortable clothing line for kids featuring geometric patterns and stripes — applying variou...[Read More]

1 out of 3 Canadians have a condition paramedics need to know about. If you have any sort of medical condition, a medical alert bracelet is an essential accessory to your wardrobe. A medical alert bracelet will alert first responders to your medical conditions if you are incapacitated or unable to communicate. Today, medical alert bracelets come in a variety of attractive designs and price ranges....[Read More]

Dropping Hints: Letting Your Guy Know you’re Ready for Marriage (Quietly) Many women start planning their wedding out from the very moment that they’re old enough to play with Barbie dolls. You grab your Ken doll and a few other Barbies, and you plan out the perfect wedding day. As you get older, you begin looking in bridal magazines, cutting out collages of various rings, dresses, or flower...[Read More]

Outdoor play is a vital part of childhood, enabling your child to seek out exercise, fresh air, activity and a chance to explore natural surroundings. Now that summer is here it is time for you to get outside with your child and have fun with water. The Pirate Ship Sand and Water Table from Kidoozie provide countless hours of summer time fun. Kidoozie designed this activity table to inspire toddle...[Read More]

No matter the length of a girl’s hair, sometimes it’s great to just pull it away from the eyes and forehead. Better than a barrette or a scrunchie, headbands are a very useful hair accessory that has gone back as far as I can remember. Today, headbands have evolved into a fashion must have. This summer let your daughter’s personality shine through with a messaged headband from Logo Loops. Lo...[Read More]

By Tanya K Kids Email is a safe email provider for children and tweens. I opened an account for my seven year old daughter. Despite her age, she is incredibly technically inclined. She began using technology at the tender age of two. We purchased her first net book shortly after her second birthday. Since then she has advanced to her laptop, then her iPod and by the time she was five she got her i...[Read More]

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