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5 great tips when choosing a hotel in Perth

Perth, the capital of WA is a magnificent city which attracts getting on for 5 million domestic visitors each year. And that’s before accounting for the many overseas travelers who make use of the location to get their first taste of Australia. The state and city have so many attractions, so the figures are no surprise, whether it’s the stunning coastline with blue sea and sandy beaches or the cultured centre.

Whether it be heading to get a real taste of history at Fremantle, the wonderful shopping experiences, or many of the domestic and international sporting events, Perth is a fantastic choice for an extended holiday or short break. Of course, this means that accommodation is required, with a hotel on Hay Street Perth being an excellent choice, but what should those considering a stay look for before deciding where to book. Here are 5 tips that might help them.

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  1. Location matters so much when choosing a hotel. It is astonishing how many travellers think that they are saving themselves money by booking somewhere in a less desirable location, and then spend time and money on transport getting to where the action is. Choosing a hotel in the heart of a city means that it is likely to be safer, and will be near to everything, which leads to a more enjoyable and relaxed stay.
  2. With so many options available, it is wise to research properly before booking. Checking out online reviews is one way as those who have stayed there will offer honest insights. Also, asking family or friends is another good way, as is giving the hotel a call and forming a quick impression that way. Ones worth staying at will provide excellent customer service. A stay may offer the opportunity to understand an Australians huge appeal for takeaway pizzas.
  3. Having a wide selection of rooms is always a good indication that the hotel caters for everyone from a solo traveler who might be on business, through to families who might want to get around and visit places like Rottnest Island. Ensuring that the rooms are fully equipped, comfortable, and safe are also factors to consider.
  4. Those that drive will want to know if onsite parking is provided, saving time, money, and hassle, while those of a certain age among any visitors will want to check out whether it is totally accessible and have a restaurant inside the hotel for convenience without having to venture outside looking for eating establishments. Maybe some visitors might wish to check out the City of Perth Band during their stay.
  5. Other features such as a 24-hour reception can be attractive, as can free Wi-Fi, and a non-smoking building throughout. Being able to book long stay might be useful for those looking to relocate to the city and need a base in advance to look around.


Perth has many outstanding features and attractions which can be made even more enjoyable when finding the right hotel in terms of location, rooms, comfort, and security.

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