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Green Toys Parking Garage

This holiday season skip the electronic gifts and give a gift that will unlock a world of fun and imagination. Company Green Toys Inc. offers an amazing line of classic children’s toys that are different from most of the toys you find on store shelves. Over the years, I have owned several toys from the company.  The high quality craftsmanship of Green Toys pleases this Mama. Most of Green Toys pro...[Read More]


Just in time for the holidays is a new generation of Rubik’s Cube from aGreatLife. These aren’t the same cubes that you received in your stocking back in the 80s. aGreatLife Cubinati Pyraminx Speed Cube will create a challenge that will leave your head spinning. Like the classic Rubik’s cube you remember so fondly from your childhood,  you scramble the colours and then return them to t...[Read More]

Micro Wheels Stunt Pack from Headstart

Speed down the track and show off your stunts with the Micro Wheels Stunt Pack from Headstart. Your kids will love racing with these micro cars. It is the ultimate gift especially if you have multiple children to buy for in one household as they can race the cars against one another. The Micro Wheels Stunt Pack includes everything kids need to race, including 2 cars, a track and a stunt loop.In th...[Read More]

Money maze puzzle box review

Are you considering gifting cash this upcoming Christmas or lottery tickets? Bring gift-giving to a whole new level. Skip the money greeting cards and make gift giving fun with the Money Maze Puzzle Box from aGreatlife. Available in both blue and green the money maze is a brain game, gift holder and money bank all in one. How to open maze puzzle box To open the Money Maze Puzzle Box, you have to g...[Read More]

Lil’ Shuckies from WeCool Toys

Lil’ Shuckies from WeCool Toys is the ideal gift for girls who enjoy jewelry making. WeCool Toys have taken girls love of mermaids, surprise toys, slime and beading and turned it into one fantastic product that kids can’t get enough of. In fact it is sure to be a top toy this upcoming holiday season. Each shell arrives sealed. Included with the shell is a pink oyster shucking tool that you u...[Read More]

Peppa Pig Deluxe Tent Bundle

Play tunnels and play tents are a perfect Christmas gift, especially for curious toddlers. With the cold weather soon upon us your child(ren) will have hours of indoor fun playing in their very own indoor deluxe pop up play tent from Jakks Pacific. Both the Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig deluxe tent bundle features bright and colourful graphics that can be seen inside and out! It can be a place to explo...[Read More]

aGreatLife Toy Store

With screens and electronics so present in kids’ lives, it is time to get back to classic toys. Turn off the iPads and have some family fun with aGreatLife Wooden Balancing Cactus Toy. As regular readers will know, here in the Today’s Woman household we love classic wooden toys. Interacting with classic toys such as the balancing cactus can provide infinite opportunities for learning and dev...[Read More]

De'Longhi Mica Thermic Panel Heater

Ontario winter forecast threatens a pretty, cold winter ahead and we are already preparing for it. With Ontario’s cost of electricity climbing we are looking for ways to save on our home heating costs. One way we are lowering heating costs is by using space heaters in our home.If you are looking to heat a large room in your home like we are a micathermic panel heater is your best option. Wha...[Read More]

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