Want to be in better shape, but the gym just isn’t for you? Sure you enjoy being active, but the solo workouts just don’t seem to get your blood moving or adrenaline pumping enough to last for a personally successful workout. Maybe it’s time to go back to team sports; just like high school, but with some added perks. You get the best of both worlds in team sports. First of all: Sports with others ...[Read More]

Do you think your kids are hanging out with the wrong crowd? Is it possible they are hanging out with kids who are taking drugs or drinking alcohol? This is never an easy moment to confront. Emotions flare up. Blame is assigned. And it may be, in fact, too late to simply step in and sort all this out. What can you do about it? First, understand that the threats are real and the numbers appear to b...[Read More]

Dropping Hints: Letting Your Guy Know you’re Ready for Marriage (Quietly) Many women start planning their wedding out from the very moment that they’re old enough to play with Barbie dolls. You grab your Ken doll and a few other Barbies, and you plan out the perfect wedding day. As you get older, you begin looking in bridal magazines, cutting out collages of various rings, dresses, or flower...[Read More]

By Alex Summers When I went back to school in 2014, picking a major was the easy part. I already knew that I wanted to go into nursing, and that I wanted to focus on radiation therapy. My step-mother was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2011, and had to go through radiation as part of her treatment. She went into full remission, and I credit the radiation therapists not only with helping her reco...[Read More]

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