How To Choose The Perfect Necklace For Your Daughter’s Birthday

How To Choose The Perfect Necklace For Your Daughter’s Birthday

You’ve been there for her throughout her entire life, and now, as she enters adulthood, you want her to know that you are proud of the woman she has become. Of course, as a parent, you want to spoil your children rotten, but as they grow up, gifts can become more meaningful if they are symbolic, especially if they are your only child or your only daughter. Many parents who have daughters want to show their love for their children with jewelry and, in particular, necklaces.

So, if she is about to turn 21, and you want to get her the perfect necklace to mark the occasion, how can you do this without causing embarrassment? Read on to find out how to choose the perfect necklace for your daughter’s birthday!

Daughter’s Birthday


Consider Her Style

When it comes to looking into a 21st birthday jewelery option for your daughter, you will need to consider her personal style and preferences. Does she seem like the type that would prefer a classic piece of neckwear? Or would she seemingly like a contemporary or bohemian piece, or even minimalist? Have a look at the necklaces she currently wears, and then have a look at her favorite metal colorings. Some girls prefer to wear gold, some like silver, and others like a combination. This will help you to find a necklace that aligns with her tastes.


Much like the previous point, it is worth having a look at the clothing that she wears and, specifically, the neckline. The neckline of the clothing will influence the type of necklace that will complement her outfits. If she is a fan of turtleneck tops, it may be worth getting her an average-length chain. If she prefers low-cut tops, a pendant-type necklace may work better. Also, if she has a favorite color, you can match this to any necklace that you get her.

Birthstones And Personal Elements


You remember the day she was born, and birthstone jewelry can be a great way to emphasize this. It adds a personal touch to the gift and is ideal if your daughter is more mystical or is a fan of tarot cards. Or, you could choose a necklace with other personalized elements, such as her initials, a meaningful symbol on the jewelry, a pendant that has been engraved with one of her favorite sayings, or a private joke that you share.

Quality Metals and Gems Only

The last thing you want when you are gifting a piece of jewelry is for it to fall apart or break when your daughter puts it on. So, it’s important that when you are looking to choose a necklace for your daughter, you ensure it is made from high-quality metals and gemstones. Opt for high-quality metals such as gold or sterling silver, as these are durable and safe enough for people who have allergies to false or plated metals. You can find these online with a quick search, or if you have a jewelry shop nearby, it can be worth asking about the purity of the metal necklaces that they sell.

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