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How Do You Keep Your Luxury Accessories Looking New?

Do you treasure your luxury accessories and worry about keeping them in pristine condition? Maintaining the elegance of high-end items requires careful attention and specific care techniques. St. Louis, with its rich history and appreciation for the finer things in life, is a city that understands the value of preservation. In this blog, we will share expert tips on keeping your luxury accessories looking as new as the day you bought them.

Luxury Accessories

Regular Cleaning

The cornerstone of keeping luxury accessories in top condition is regular cleaning. Dirt, dust, and body oils can accumulate on items such as watches, jewelry, and leather goods, potentially causing long-term damage. For example, leather can dry out and crack if not cleaned and conditioned regularly, while metals like silver and gold might tarnish when exposed to air and moisture. It’s important to establish a routine cleaning schedule for each type of accessory. Soft cloths and mild cleaners designed for specific materials should be used to avoid scratching or other damage.

Expert Services for Your Treasures

For certain maintenance or repair tasks, it’s wise to enlist the services of professionals, especially for intricate items like jewelry. When it comes to jewelry repair in St. Louis, the expertise offered by seasoned craftsmen can make a significant difference in the preservation of your cherished pieces. Professional jewelers have the tools and knowledge necessary to handle delicate repairs, clean stones without causing damage, and advise on the best care for various precious materials. Regular visits can ensure that minor issues are caught early, preventing costly repairs or irreversible damage.

Correct Storage Solutions

 jewelry box with precious items

Storing your luxury accessories properly is just as important as cleaning them. Improper storage can lead to a variety of issues, such as scratches, deformation, and tarnishing. Jewelry should be stored in a lined jewelry box with compartments to keep pieces separate and prevent them from rubbing against each other. Watches benefit from being kept in a watch box or wound on a watch winder to keep mechanical pieces functioning smoothly. Leather goods should be stored in breathable cloth bags to avoid exposure to excessive humidity or dryness, which can cause materials to crack or mold. By investing in quality storage solutions, you ensure that your luxury items remain protected when not in use.

Handling with Care

Handling your luxury accessories with care is important for maintaining their appearance and functionality. Always pick up watches and jewelry by the band or case, not by the strap or chain, to avoid stress and potential breakage. When using luxury handbags or wearing fine garments, be mindful of sharp objects and surfaces that could cause tears or scratches. Additionally, it’s advisable to remove rings and bracelets when performing manual tasks to prevent accidental damage. By being conscientious about how you handle your accessories, you can significantly extend their lifespan.

Use of Appropriate Cleaning Agents

Choosing the right cleaning agents for different types of luxury accessories is essential for their upkeep. Each material requires a specific type of cleaner to avoid damage. For instance, use only cleaners specifically designed for leather when caring for leather bags and shoes, as general cleaners can contain chemicals that might degrade the leather over time. For jewelry, opt for gentle solutions made for precious metals and stones to prevent chemical reactions that can dull their shine. Similarly, specialty products are available for cleaning and maintaining the delicate materials of luxury watches. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions or seek advice from a professional when uncertain about the best products to use.

Professional Maintenance

jewelry appraiser

Periodic professional maintenance is crucial for the longevity of luxury accessories. This goes beyond simple cleaning and involves checks for wear and tear, replacements of worn-out parts, and professional polishing. For instance, luxury watches should undergo a service every few years to ensure the movement remains accurate and the casing is watertight. Similarly, high-end jewelry may need prong tightening, stone checking, and clasp reinforcement to prevent loss and maintain security.

DIY vs. Professional Help

It’s important to distinguish between tasks you can do at home and those that require professional attention. Simple cleaning and preventive care like storing items properly and handling them with care can often be managed by the owner. However, tasks such as repairing a watch movement or resizing a diamond ring should always be left to professionals. They possess the precise tools and training to perform these tasks without causing damage.

Protecting Accessories from Extreme Conditions

Luxury accessories can be sensitive to extreme conditions. Direct sunlight can fade and damage materials like leather and fabric, while excessive moisture can lead to tarnishing of metals and deterioration of delicate components. Always store your accessories in a controlled environment where temperature and humidity levels are stable. When traveling or transporting luxury items, use appropriate protective cases to shield them from the elements.

Investing in Insurance

Jewellery insurance

For high-value luxury accessories, insurance is a wise investment. This protection covers loss, theft, and sometimes even damage. Ensure your policy is tailored to the value of your items and understand the terms, including deductibles and the process for claims. Documentation of your items, including appraisals and receipts, is crucial for this purpose.

The Role of Documentation

Maintaining detailed records of your luxury accessories is beneficial, especially for insurance purposes and future resale. Keep a file with purchase receipts, warranty cards, care instructions, and a record of any repairs or professional maintenance. This documentation not only helps in managing your collection but also establishes the provenance and ownership of each piece, which can significantly impact their value.


Keeping your luxury accessories in top shape is more than just following care instructions; it’s about making a commitment to maintain their beauty and function. Regular cleaning, proper storage, and careful use are key to keeping your items looking new. As you continue these habits, they’ll become a natural part of how you handle these special items, helping them retain their shine and value.

In addition, sometimes it’s wise to let professionals take care of your luxury goods. When you take your items to an expert for maintenance, you’re investing in their longevity. This not only keeps them looking great but also respects the craftsmanship that makes them special. By making these care strategies part of your routine, your accessories will continue to enhance your style and bring pleasure to your daily life.


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