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Postpartum Power: How to Choose Shapewear for Comfort and Recovery

Do you have surgery planned soon or your birthday is approaching and you have probably been told that you are going to need to wear some post-op shapewear? Or maybe you have seen many girls on social media, that are wearing shapewear after they just had surgery? Maybe you are wondering why they have to do it, and here we are ready to tell you all about post-operative shapewear.

Compression Post Surgery Garments

Post-surgery compression garments: a must-have for your recovery

These are tight-fitting garments that should be worn over the place of your surgery to help recover from the whole surgery. This wholesale shapewear will reduce swelling, will also promote healing, and prevent the scarring of your skin. They are made out of elastic materials and will provide you with the right amount of compression and support.

Besides, wearing them will keep the surgical site and stitches in place and will help prevent it from stretching too much. They are usually worn a few days after you get your surgery. But remember that it will be your doctor, who will determine for how long you’ll need to wear them, based on the type of surgery you had and your circumstances.

How to choose the post-operative shapewear for recovery?

post-operative shapewear

While your doctor is the one that will determine for how long you should wear your post-op shapewear and probably will give you some specifications on what you should get, it will be up to you to make the final decision, as there are many factors that you need to consider to choose one. Brands, availability, reviews, and prices are some of those factors. But worry not, Waistdear has the best ones around with the best prices too.

Now, we mentioned before that the right wholesale fajas for you should be determined by your doctor and depending on the type of surgery you underwent. And you’ll be choosing depending on the compression level you need.

The first type, depending on the compression level, is everyday fajas. This type of shapewear provides a light compression and they will help with the control of the tummy area. They will enhance your shape, while also reducing the pain in the back, any kind of post-op swelling, and also with the retention of fluid.

The following type, which is the post-op stage 1. This type of faja and garment provides medium compression and it is meant to have a looser fit. This type should be worn during the day and with abdominal boards and lipo foams. These abdominal boards should be removed during the evening time.

And the last one is the post-op stage 2. These are special Colombian fajas that have a double compression and latex in the front. Usually have see-through fabric on the buttock area, which is squeeze-free and also very comfortable.


What is this shapewear recommended for and which ones do we recommend you?


The amazing post-operative shapewear from Waistdear is recommended for different aspects and provides different benefits. They are perfect for post-surgery and post-operation recovery and they are also a great option for women going through post-partum.

They will also support weight loss, help tighten the skin, of course, shape and form your silhouette, into your dream one. And of course, they are perfect to be worn daily too. There are many other benefits from wearing your favorite shapewear from Waistdear, especially if you are getting post-operative shapewear.

Now, we have made the job of choosing the right one according to your needs much easier by recommending the best pieces depending on the compression level needed.


The best everyday fajas

The first piece is the Everyday Shaping Full Body Shaper Fajas Big Size Lace Trim. This one has a 3 eye and hook closure, which will provide you with a great fit. The leg opening has glue that will prevent it from easily rolling.

The waist area has a 4 cm rubber band that will maximize the comfort. It also has one rubber bone on both sides of the waist and it will also prevent rolling. To strengthen the abdominal compression, it has a design with 3 layers. And it also has an opening in the crotch for easy bathroom visits.

best everyday fajas

The second piece is the Pretty Detachable Straps Side Zip Faja Body Shaper. It has a zipper on the crotch area for easy visits to the bathroom. Its design is hip-lifting and it will enhance the natural shape of your body. Besides that, it has a three-layer design that will strengthen the compression of the abdomen.

The leg openings have epoxy designs to prevent them from curling. Each side of the belt of the waist has a plastic bone, to also prevent the whole piece from curling. It has adjustable and detachable shoulder straps that will give you many methods of flexible wearing.

best everyday fajas


The best post-op stage 1 fajas

 The best post-op stage 1 fajas

The piece of this compression level is the Post-surgical Tummy Control Body Shaper Butt Lifter Bodysuit. This piece  has high-elastic fabric at the chest as well as a lamination design, which makes this piece suitable for different chest sizes.

Has an open crotch design to facilitate the bathroom visits. It has 3 hook and eye closures that are adjustable and will provide an amazing fit. The leg openings had a dropping glue design that would prevent them from rolling up. Besides it has a hook closure design on the shoulders, so you can readjust it to make it fit as you want.


The best post-op stage 2 fajas

The best post-op stage 2 fajas

The following are the final two of our recommendations is the -bones Triple-breasted High-waisted Elastic Body Butt Lifter.  The waist has an elastic that is skin-friendly and very comfortable, but also very elastic, durable, strong, and won’t deform easily.  The design is high-waisted to wrap your waist from every direction.

Besides, it has epoxy lace to prevent it from curling and it has a wrinkle design on the hips that won’t press them but the double layer-structure in this area will lift and shape them. And finally, it has a zipper in the crotch area.

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