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Follow these 5 easy tips to make moving your home stress-free

Moving your home can be an anxiety-inducing task. It particularly stands true for long-distance moves, like shifting from Wichita, Kansas, to another state. Just the mere thought of packing up your entire life, coordinating logistics, and navigating unfamiliar territory can feel incredibly daunting.

However, there is a silver lining amidst all this. With meticulous planning and preparation, you can turn your long-distance relocation into a seamless and stress-free experience. In this blog, we will unveil some invaluable tips to help you breeze through your long-distance move with ease.

So, without further ado, let us get straight to the topic of making moving your home stress-free.

  1. Find A Professional Moving Company

moving your home

Hiring a professional moving company provides peace of mind. Having adequate expertise and experience under their belt, they will take care of all the heavy lifting related to the move. This allows you to focus on other important aspects of the move and relieves you of the physical and mental stress of moving. However, you need to remember that all moving companies do not bring the same level of competence to the table. Therefore, you have to be very careful when hiring a long-distance moving company when moving from Wichita.

To begin with, you must do some research and make a list of all the top-notch Wichita long distance moving companies. Once done, read online reviews about these companies. Start by checking online review platforms to see what previous customers have said about their experiences with the moving company. Look for trends and common themes in the reviews, such as punctuality, professionalism, and belongings handling.

Furthermore, do not hesitate to ask the moving company for references from previous customers. A reputable moving company should be willing to provide references upon request. Contact these references to get firsthand information about their experiences.

  1. Start Packing Early

Moving Short Distance

When it comes to packing, most homeowners procrastinate. It is because belongings are not just physical objects. They carry sentimental value. As a result, sorting through belongings, and deciding what to keep, donate, or discard, can evoke nostalgia. People find it challenging to part with items, even if they are no longer needed. This emotional attachment can create a reluctance to start packing, leading to procrastination. However, putting off packing until the very last minute only adds to your stress.

On the other hand, packing early helps you lay the groundwork for a successful move. It enables you to pack fragile items like glassware, electronics, and artwork. This means you can prevent damage during transit and ensures that your valuable possessions arrive at your new home in good condition.

Packing early also lets you take breaks. That way, you can keep burnout at a safe distance and stay energized throughout the process. So, do not wait until the eleventh hour – give yourself the gift of time and pack early for a stress-free and enjoyable moving adventure.

  1. Choose The Right Moving Date

Timing plays a key role in the moving process. It can make or break the moving experience. But how do you pick an appropriate moving date? Well, you can do it by considering a few factors. Start with the weather.

Pay attention to the weather in your area during different times of the year. Moving during extreme weather conditions, such as scorching heat or heavy rains, might add challenges to your move. To be safe, opt for a date when the weather is expected to be mild and conducive to a comfortable moving experience.

The day of the week you choose could also influence your relocation big time. Typically, weekends are busier for moving companies. So picking a weekday can give you more flexibility for booking movers or acquiring rental equipment. Moreover, it may even lead to budget-friendly rates.

  1. Schedule Utilities

Do not let utilities slip through the cracks. Without scheduling utilities, you may face disruptions in your daily routine. Imagine moving into a new home only to discover that you do not have electricity, water, or internet for several days. By scheduling utilities ahead of time, you can avoid these inconveniences. Here are some tips to help you schedule your utility transfer and avoid any interruptions in service:

  • Plan ahead:It is best to schedule your utilities transfer at least a few weeks before your move date. It gives your utility providers enough time to process the request and ensures that your new home will have all the necessary services up and running when you arrive.
  • Check for additional fees:Some utility companies may charge or require deposits when transferring services to a new location. You must be aware of these potential costs and factor them into your moving budget. Contact your utility providers to inquire about any fees or deposits associated with your utility transfer.
  • Plan for overlap or gaps:When scheduling your utility transfer, consider the timing to avoid any gaps in service. For example, suppose you are moving out of your current home on the last day of the month, but your new home will not be ready until the second week of the next month. In that case, you may need to arrange overlapping services at both locations to ensure uninterrupted access to power, water, or internet during the transition.
  1. Clearly Label Boxes


Think of labeling as a little extra insurance for your cherished possessions. With clear labels, you can tell your movers exactly how you want your fragile items handled. Whether it is delicate glassware, valuable heirlooms, or sentimental keepsakes, labeling your boxes helps your movers take extra precautions.

Plus, labeling boxes can save you time and effort during unpacking. Boxes that are neatly labeled with their contents facilitate determining which boxes should be unpacked first. This can help you settle into your new home faster and reduce the stress of searching endless boxes to find what you need.

If you find labeling boring, leverage some creativity to make it fun. For example, instead of just writing the box’s contents, why not assign different colors to each room in your new home? Depending on your convenience, you may use red labels for the kitchen, blue for the bedroom, green for the living room, and so on.


With these suggestions, you should have no trouble finding a reliable moving company to facilitate your next move. So you can now stop worrying about the move and enjoy your new place immediately. A few keystrokes or phone calls will lead you to reputable movers.

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  1. Choosing the best date to move definitely feels like something we should try and exert more effort on. We can’t just pick a random date and decide to do everything then, as it will really make things difficult for everyone to act on a moment’s notice. I’ll definitely make sure that we set a good date first then hire some moving & storage experts for assistance to make things easier.

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