Maximising and Maintaining Your Microbladed Brows

Microblading has become an increasingly popular semi-permanent makeup technique that can define and enhance brows. The fine strokes created by an artist replicate the appearance of real eyebrow hairs to create a natural yet defined look. If done correctly, microblading can save time in the morning makeup routine for up to two years. However, there are important steps to maximise results and keep brows looking fresh between appointments. Read on for tips on making the most of microbladed brows.

Choosing the Right Artist

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When considering microblading in Cornwall, do thorough research to find the best artist for you. Look at their before and after photos to assess their work and see if their style matches your desired look. Ask about their training and credentials. An experienced and highly skilled technician uses the highest hygiene and safety standards to give you the best results. Travel to find the right specialist if needed, including exploring talented microblading artists that serve areas like Cornwall. The artist you choose plays a pivotal role in how your brows turn out both immediately after the procedure and long-term.

Caring for Brows Post-Procedure

The first 10 to 14 days after your microblading appointment require careful brow TLC to maximise results. Avoid water on the treated area aside from gentle cleaning for 10 days, including activities like swimming or heavy workouts that induce sweating. Don’t pick or scratch the area as it heals, which can pull out the pigment. Use a gentle mineral SPF daily to protect from sun exposure which can cause early fading. Let any initial scabs fully fall off on their own. Following proper aftercare instructions leads to better pigment retention for crisp, flawless-looking brows.

Preventing Early Fading

Avoiding certain behaviors minimizes early loss of pigment after microblading. Steer clear of chlorinated pools, saunas and hot tubs for the first 3-4 weeks. Also don’t pick, peel or scrub at microbladed areas which can pull colour out prematurely. Protect brows daily with mineral SPF, reapplying after sweating heavily or being in water. Those prone to oily skin or who regularly work out may experience quicker fading as the skin more rapidly exfoliates. Touch up more frequently in this case for best results. Keeping brows safe from sun and trauma lets the colour properly set for the long term.

Caring for Brows In-Between Appointments

Microbladed Brows


Even with proper artist choice and aftercare, brows start to gradually soften and fade over time after each microblading appointment. Yet keeping them tidy and defined between touch-ups further maximises your investment. Use a dry spooly brush daily to groom brows and keep the faded hairs lying smoothly in the direction of the strokes. Pencil in any sparse spots lightly following the original shape. Avoid going overboard where possible for a softer, blended effect. See your technician yearly at a minimum to reinforce lasting definition. With some care, microbladed brows can frame your features for years before needing a total refresh.

While semi-permanent makeup offers ease and longevity compared to pencils or pomades, proactive steps maximise longevity. Do ample research to find a reputable and skilled microblading artist whose work resonates with your beauty goals. Follow the proper healing protocol and protect brows from early fading for crisp results. Use occasional touch-ups to maintain the definition. With careful maintenance in-between professional appointments, microbladed brows can save you time for months or years before needing a total refresh. Consider microblading as a worthwhile investment in framing your features for both special events and comfortable everyday wear.

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