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Play Bingo To Stretch Your Brain

With the isolation and loneliness experienced by most people during pandemic lockdowns, there is growing awareness of the importance of mental wellness and self-care. Social interaction is important as you get older, and studies have shown that isolation (either through restrictions or hearing loss) can have a detrimental effect on the brain. It may even increase the risk of developing dementia.

In your twenties and thirties, social interaction is part of your daily life. But as we get older, moving into our sixties and seventies, social interaction tails off, families have grown and left home, and we’re more isolated than when we were younger

In this post you will learn why playing Bingo is good for you, not only for social interaction, but also because it can be great fun and its good exercise for your brain.

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So, before you turn your nose up at games like bingo that have gone online, here’s why you shouldn’t.


Bingo And Memory

Play Bingo

Numerous reports have shown that playing Bingo regularly exercises your memory, keeping it sharp and improving your recall.

Cognitive decline happens naturally as we age so it’s important to take steps to alleviate the effects. While hobbies and interests are a great way to impart relaxation and creativity, the mental calculations associated with playing Bingo pack real benefits.

Bingo can be fast paced as players have to memorize numbers as they are called and find them on their cards quickly. For players playing more than one or multiple cards, they must be pretty quick as this can be challenging.

So, even if you are house-bound, or cannot physically attend a bingo event, as long as you have a good internet connection there are reputable portals out there where you can exercise your brain from the comfort of your home.

Hand Eye Coordination


Many, if not all games help improve hand eye coordination. When we are younger and engaging in ball sports, this is a given. But when we’re older with dodgy knees, we need to keep this cognitive aspect alive by other means.

Online gaming is a good way. Using a computer keyboard helps but playing bingo with multiple cards requires you to quickly choose which cards have the called number before a new call is made.

If you find you really enjoy online gaming, there are many ways to do this these days as the online gaming and betting industry has grown in leaps and bounds. Games such as Australian pokies or slots are hugely popular in Australia, so if you find you enjoy other types of online gaming, there are lots of options to choose from.

On the other hand, if you’re still able to get out and about and are still driving, going to a bingo event will bring about social interaction and help you to meet like-minded new friends and build a social network.


Importance Of Social Interaction

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By having a social network, you can reduce stress and anxiety and you enjoy the benefits of having a support system around you. No one enjoys being lonely and participating or being active and present in social interactions plays a significant role in keeping your mind agile and maintaining cognitive function.

So, the jury is out, playing games and keeping yourself mentally stimulated is the best way of looking after your mental health.


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