Hobbies That Are Hot In 2023

Take Up A Hobby This Year

Everyone’s talking about mindfulness, living in the present and taking care of oneself these days. There is no better way to do that than to take up a hobby or develop a passionate interest.

Remember all those years you were so busy carving out a career while balancing a home and parenting? If your kids have flown the nest, it could be time to indulge yourself in those interests you have sitting on the back burner. These days, there are so many short online classes available from different companies and academies, the choice really is as wide as A-Z.

This post will tell you about which hobbies are trending in 2023, but you may have a list of your own already which you want to pursue.

Reasons To Find A Hobby


Hobbies are good for your mental health as they encourage you to relax, experiment and play. Hobbies help to keep your mind focused and sharp as well as being good for emotional health.

Practicing and getting better at a hobby can be very rewarding and helps with personal growth. The idea is to focus on the journey or process and not the end result.

Hobbies make you a lifelong learner. You can also pick up a useful skill which may either be marketable or may just bring you personal satisfaction. Some hobbies, such as outdoor activities, will boost your health and vitality. Joining in group activities with like-minded people also expands your social network and broadens horizons.


Hot Outdoor Hobbies

Hiking tips

Hiking, tramping, rambling, whatever you want to call it is a great outdoor activity. Not only do you get to see beautiful landscapes and escape the city but you also become more aware of trees, birds and all of nature around you.


Sporting Hobbies

pilates class

Different sporting codes such as archery and fencing have become very popular, but they tend to be quite specialized and expensive. Cheaper sporty options include jogging, swimming, or cycling. You don’t need the best bike in the world or the latest gear to enjoy cycling.

If you prefer gentler exercise, try yoga or Tai Chi.


Travel Hobbies

Travel Essay Writing Tips

While travelling does entail some expense, you might like to try being a tourist in your own backyard and try roadtripping or RVing. Travel doesn’t have to involve inter-continental flights and expensive accommodation.

If you’re a more sedate kind of person, why not try a traditional craft such as calligraphy or art classes?


Creative Hobbies

Creative Hobbies


There are thousands of online classes on illustration, drawing and painting. You can learn at your own pace and most of the time, the courses are yours for life so you can go back to them. You can even make your own sketchbooks with simple bookbinding techniques.

With good smartphones these days, photography does not require expensive cameras.


Other Online Hobbies


You may find you have become fond of online gaming, be it video games or the pokies online NZ has to offer in abundance. Crosswords, word searches and brain games are all available online.

Learning and listening platforms such as podcasts and YouTube are a great way to research a new hobby and set you on your way.

On the other hand, if you want to stay grounded, there is no better hobby than gardening and caring for growing plants.


Happy learning.


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