Budgeting Non-Owner Car Insurance

Non-owner car insurance isn’t the type of thing one would buy in order to save on rates. It’s specifically designed for who else but drivers who don’t own a car or drive regularly. This may be you. If this is your case, then you may be wondering how much non-owner car insurance costs and its place in your budget. If you frequently borrow, rent, or use the company car –then this post can offer some light on how to budget your non-owner car insurance.


Why There is Non-Owner Car Insurance

Non-Owner Car Insurance

Renters and borrowers of vehicles will not be able to get standard car insurance for them. Non-owner car insurance is there for these drivers but may be limited in the coverage it provides. These drivers also only drive for essential reasons like commuting to work or running errands. They are hardly ever out on the road leisurely. Non-owner car insurance typically includes bodily injury liability and property damage coverage. These are often the most required types of car insurance in the United States and are often what people refer to when they are talking about car insurance. In some states where it is required, uninsured motorist coverage may be included.


How Much Non-Owner Car Insurance Costs

Like any type of car insurance, the cost of non-owner car insurance depends on a variety of personal factors that make narrowing it down to an average difficult. Factors such as age, zip code, credit score, driving record, and how much coverage you’ll need will all influence how much you pay. Of course, young drivers will pay much more than more experienced and older ones. All general quoting rules for car insurance apply here. Women are also known to pay less than men for car insurance, but it’s a minuscule difference.


Why Non-Owner Car Insurance Costs Are so Low

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Suppose we can give you a number for how much non-owner car insurance would cost –$200 to $500 annually. This is much lower than regular car insurance because non-owners are driving a lot less than drivers that own their cars which translates into less chance of an accident occurring. Because of this, non-owner car insurance is very easy to budget as you work your way to owning a car which is the goal of having this coverage.

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