Ways to make a new place feel like yours

Moving to a new place is so exciting. Whether it’s your first time or 10th, in a small apartment or a huge house, unpacking your things somewhere new can be a great feeling. It can take a while for a new place to feel truly like your own, though, especially if you have lived in your old place for a long time. Here are a few ways to make a new place feel like yours.


A change of color


Most of the time, when selling a place, the sellers will paint everything a very neutral color. This is so that prospective buyers aren’t distracted by the different colors and can imagine themselves there.

Once you’re moved in, the same color throughout can feel quite boring. Making it your own by adding colors you like here, or there can be easily done in a day and really change how you feel about the place.

Maybe you make the bedroom a more calming color by painting the walls or adding elements of your favorite color in the living room. No matter what you choose, it’s undeniable how much color can change how you see things, and your home is no exception to this.


Dedicate a room to something you love

gaming room

This is certainly for those with a little extra space. If you live in a low cost per living area and therefore have a bigger place, live alone, or don’t have a big family, you may have a spare room or two you can do whatever you want with.

This is a great opportunity to really make it your own by turning it into a space for a hobby or passion of yours. If you love to paint, why not make it an art studio? Maybe you’re a huge gamer and would benefit from a Custom Gaming Setup.

No matter what you’re into, dedicating a room to it can be a fun way to make a place feel much more like it’s yours.


Fill it with things that make you happy

 This is a great thing to do if you’ve moved from a smaller flat or house to a bigger place and things seem a bit bare. When you get used to living with not a lot of space, you learn to not accumulate too many things. After you move into a bigger home, you may find that your things don’t fill it.

This can certainly worsen the feeling that it’s not really yours. A great antidote to this, then, is to fill it with things you love. Whether that’s art, home decor pieces, a big book collection, or anything else that sparks joy for you. When a place is full of the things you love, it’s really hard to not think of it as yours.


Pictures, pictures, and more pictures


In the same vein as adding things, you love to your home, having pictures dotted around can make a huge difference. It’s nice to see photos of happy memories you shared with friends and family on a regular basis.

Though it might not make you as happy as when that photo was taken, it can certainly be a mood booster.

Moving is most exciting, if not occasionally stressful. Once the moving is over, though, it’s easy to feel like your new place isn’t really yours. This will fade eventually, especially with the help of these tips.

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