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How to Add More Light Into Your Home

A lighter home is often much more inviting than a dark and dreary home. By bringing more light into your home, you can improve your mood, lower your energy costs, and improve your health. There are more benefits than you may think when adding more natural light to your home. You may be surprised at how easy it is to invite more light into the home. Below, we will discuss how to add more light into your home.

Add Mirrors and Shiny Décor

Add Mirrors and Shiny Décor

You may already know that adding a mirror to a room can help make it look bigger. However, did you know that if you put a mirror on the wall opposite your window, it can actually double the amount of light that floods the room? Reflective items like mirrors and shiny decorative items reflect the natural light back into the room.


Consider adding some items like these:

  • Glass, chrome, or mirrored furniture
  • Decorative mirrors
  • Silver or shiny picture frames
  • Metallic light fixtures
  • Metallic faucets
  • Metallic finishes on ceilings or walls
  • Reflective or shiny cabinet pulls

The above items will help bounce the natural sunlight around the room, creating a much brighter space.


Paint Your Eaves

The eaves and overhangs on your home protect your external walls from water. However, these can prevent some of the sunlight from entering through your windows on sunny days.

If you want to boost the sunlight that enters each room, it’s best to either paint your eaves or cover them with a maintenance-free vinyl or aluminium film that is white in colour.

You don’t need to worry about matching your eaves up with the rest of your home as they are angled towards the house, so they won’t affect the kerb appeal.


Install Patio Doors

sliding doors

If you choose to replace your solid back door with a patio door or garden door instead, this will instantly transform that room into a sunroom. The cost of fitting a new patio door isn’t too high when you consider the amount of light and air that it can bring into your home.

Patio doors help blur the lines between the inside of your living space and your garden. This can create a much more relaxing space and may even help to improve your mental health.


Install Larger Windows

Solar Panels on a large seaside home with chimney and many windows.

If you are considering installing some new windows, this may be a good time to think about increasing the size of your windows. The larger your windows, the more light can enter. Many modern windows have very thin frames with more exposed glass.

Picture, bay, and bow windows have the best effect and can invite more light into the room. Plus, you can also add more ventilation to the room with operatable units. Consider stacking radius or transom windows above your older windows to let more light in without losing any of your privacy.


Wash The Windows

Although this may seem quite obvious, it can be very effective. Giving your windows a wash on the inside and outside will help to ensure that the maximum amount of sunlight can enter the room and shine brightly in your space.

Even if you don’t think your windows look dirty, give them a wipe and then look at the cloth you used to wipe them. You may be surprised at just how dirty they were.



Keep On Top of Landscaping

Tidy Landscaping


When you keep on top of your external landscaping around your property, this will not only improve the kerb appeal of your home but will also prevent too much shading and allow natural light to enter your home.

As the plants, bushes and trees in your outdoor space grow, this will prevent more and more light from entering your home. If you have a lot of overgrown plants or bushes in your garden, consider removing some of them and replacing them with smaller plants that don’t tend to grow too large or tall.

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