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10 Tricks Every Woman Should Know

Every girl knows how difficult it is to always be at her best. After all, self-improvement often takes a lot of time and money. What a blessing that there are some smart tricks that can make life easier, letting you have more time for betting on Bet22 or improving your work skills. Here are valuable tricks to help you always look like a star.

Mascara Will Hide Growing Roots

Girls who dye their hair darker know how unsightly the regrowing roots look. Mascara will help coping with this problem, which simply needs to be applied to the roots.

Natural Curls Can Be Done Without Curling Irons


To make a natural curl hair, you do not need to be the owner of a special curling iron. You can simply twist dry hair into a bundle and warm it well with a hair dryer. Owners of thick hair will have to twist a few plaits.

Starch Will Solve the Problem With Greasy Hair

Many girls experience a lot of inconvenience because of quickly greasy hair. But not everyone knows that this problem is very easy to solve. Hair will stay clean longer if you put starch or baby powder on the roots.

A Toothbrush Can Add Volume to Hair

Giving your hair volume is possible without special shampoos and complicated styling. It’s enough to comb through the strands layer by layer with a toothbrush in the direction of the roots. Changes will be visible to the naked eye.

Lavender Oil Will Give You Gorgeous Lashes

Eye lashes

Two drops of lavender oil added to your mascara will help separate and lengthen your lashes. Notably, lavender oil accelerates hair growth, so after using such a mascara for a few days, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Makeup Brushes Can Change Shape

To do makeup, you do not have to buy all kinds of brushes. Such a powder brush can become wide if you put a hairpin on it, and narrow if you fasten the bristles with an elastic band.

You Can Forget About Lipstick on Your Teeth


Lipstick that stays on the inside of your lips constantly stains your teeth and makes your smile look ugly. You can wipe off excess lipstick by swiping your finger, pencil or even a spoon from the inside out. Excess lipstick will remain on your finger.

The Patch Can Fix Earrings

Earrings with a hook instead of a clasp never freeze in their original position and are constantly twisted. To secure the earrings, all you have to do is glue the tip of the hook to the back of the lobe. You can do this with a flesh-colored band-aid.

Antiseptic Will Solve the Problem of Sweat

Not always a deodorant can fully protect against the smell of sweat. Since the unpleasant odor appears due to the reproduction of bacteria, you can protect yourself from it with an antiseptic applied to the skin underarms or other problematic area.

Hairspray Can Keep Feet From Slipping

Choosing the perfect shoes is almost impossible: some will chafe, while others are sure to leave an unsightly gap in the back. To fix the problem of a “hole” between your foot and the heel, all you need to do is apply hairspray to your foot to keep it from slipping forward.

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