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Is It Possible to Claim for Bicycle Injuries?

Riding a bicycle is one common method of travelling in different areas. It’s also a recreational activity and an environmentally-friendly means of travel. However, like any other form of travel, bicycle riding comes with some risks for riders. Bicycle accidents are one of the most common traffic incidents in different states.

Cyclists are prone to many injuries on the roads due to their vulnerability. They are often less visible on the highways. As a result, they have less protection against road users like motorists. Thus, bicyclists are more likely to sustain injuries due to motor vehicles.

In 2018 alone, the roads in Great Britain had 17,527 bicyclist casualties. Out of these, 4132 were either seriously injured or killed. One common injury that cyclists suffer is a head injury. This can be anything ranging from cuts on the head to traumatic brain injuries.

In such cases, a bicycle accident lawyer can be of help but prevention is always better. This is why putting on a helmet could reduce head injury risks by 85%, brain injuries by 88%, and severe brain damage by at least 75%.

Nonetheless, cyclists are entitled to compensation just like any other road user. If someone is responsible for your injury due to their negligence, they must compensate you for your losses.

Let’s find out more about how it is possible to claim for bicycle injuries and what you are lawfully entitled to.

Can You Be Easily Compensated for Bicycle Injuries?

Bicycle Injuries

If you’ve had injuries in a cycling accident that was another party’s fault, you can easily claim compensation to help build yourself back up.

Usually, if you’re hurt through a bicycle accident, you could suffer from minor to severe injuries. The same could necessitate expensive medical care, which you may not manage to cover from your pocket.

Again, being involved in a bicycle accident may entail more than just physical injuries. It can cause devastating impacts on different areas of your life, such as your work-life, social relationships, and even your mental well-being

Please note that cyclists have the same rights as motorists. This includes entitlements to compensation in the case of a road accident. So, if you sustain some injuries from a bicycle accident, you could be granted a bicycle accident compensation. However, you can hardly get through the process without the help of a bicycle accident lawyer.

Truth be told, you can file a personal injury claim without a lawyer if you are willing to go through a lot of stress and take on the challenge. However, a trusted Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Costa Mesa suggested that you should get an expert legal team that has vast experience in dealing with bike accident claims to defend you.


Why Do You Need a Bicycle Injury Lawyer?

Bicycle accidents


Most people don’t think about hiring a personal injury lawyer for bicyclists until they face an injury. Unfortunately, accidents can happen anywhere. The risk is even higher in urban areas. So, the injured person should know what to do when they get hurt.

If you’re injured suddenly, you are likely to have many questions. Such questions include whether you can get your medical bills covered. You may also want to know if someone owes you the lost wages.

In short, there’s so much to navigate. Fortunately, injury lawyers for bicyclists can answer your questions. They can also help you with the claim processes to get your compensation.

Once you reach out to them, they will guide you through the claim processes step by step. As a result, they will look into your accident case and check your eligibility, depending on your region or state. Afterwards, they go ahead to handle your claim if you want to proceed.

Lawyers will help you follow up on compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and others. You’re highly likely to succeed in a personal injury case when you have an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side fighting for you.

So, if you win the case against the person whose carelessness caused your injury, you will undoubtedly be awarded the damages. The damages can be in the form of payment for your lost income. It can also entail taking care of your medical expenses.

Most people may have no idea what is termed fair compensation in their case. Thus, it helps to work with the best lawyers specializing in bicycle accidents. An excellent personal lawyer for bicycle accidents can help you get over your claims and obtain the best result as fast as possible.

How Long After the Accident Should You Bring the Personal Lawyer for Bicycle Accidents


It helps to know that every state’s regulation is different. So, you’ll want to get in touch with an experienced personal injury attorney. They should understand what the laws in your state are.

Apart from a few exceptions, the general rule of limitations is that; you must bring your personal injury lawyer for bicyclists two years from when the injury occurred.

This implies that you may no longer have the right to the claim if you don’t bring your personal injury attorney within two years. That’s why it is essential to make your case known to a personal lawyer for bicycle accidents as soon as possible.


So, your claim can secure compensation for:

  • Medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • Home modification expenses
  • Attendant care costs
  • Expenses for the loss of your earnings or earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering, plus the loss of freedom to life enjoyment (this is if the victim has suffered a whole body impairment)
  • Repair or replacement of damaged properties. Such may include the bicycle, helmet, GPS, clothing, iPod, phone, or other personal items.

Key Takeaways

No matter the level of carefulness on the roads, even the most experienced bicyclists can get injured in bike accidents. Dangerous or careless driving by motorists can lead to accidents. Poor road conditions may cause drivers to miss road signs, leading to accidents.

No one should make you believe the misconception that bicycles don’t belong on public highways. Lawfully, cyclists have equal rights to use public roads as it is with motor vehicles.

And if you are injured in a bicycle accident, you have every right to claim compensation from those responsible for the accident. You need the right bicycle accident lawyer to make the process easier and faster. Once connected to a personal lawyer, they’ll help you succeed in your claims.

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