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7 of the Best Car Maintenance Tips for the Suzuki Vitara

If you have just bought a brand new car, or you have been driving a trusted old Suzuki Vitara for a long time, performing regular car maintenance is advantageous for the performance of your car. Not only this, but it will ensure your safety on the road and protect your bank account from potential big fixes later on.

Most drivers make the big mistake of only paying attention to their vehicle when a big problem arises, but doing your own maintenance frequently will keep your car in top notch shape, protect you from huge maintenance payouts and extend the life of your vehicle.

The best thing about doing your own car maintenance is that it does not require you to have mechanic-level expertise! Simple car maintenance steps like checking the pressure of your tires and changing your windshield wipers are all you need to protect yourself and your car on the road.

Keep your car in good shape and ensure the best resale value by following these 7 easy car maintenance tips for the Suzuki Vitara below.

Suzuki Vitara

Make sure to keep your car clean

The easiest and most budget-friendly maintenance that you can do for your grand vitara is to give it a wash regularly.

Other than the aesthetically pleasing benefit of washing your car, it will make sure that your exterior is always protected and will make sure you have optimal visibility when driving.

You should give your car a wash every 2 to 4 weeks, subject to things such as weather, the frequency of your driving and whether your windshield gets dirty often or not.

Because you’ll be regularly removing dirt and debris, washing your car regularly can also protect you from future costly repairs to its paint job.

Keep an eye on your engine oil

Suzuki Grand Vitara

It is a good idea to check the engine oil of your suzuki vitara often, regardless of what might be displayed on your dashboard. The engine oil of a grand vitara is essential to its optimal functioning, and issues with the oil can cause some dire and costly damage to your vehicle.

Keep your vehicle safe by regularly checking the cars engine through these easy steps:

  1. Park your car on level ground
  2. Leave the engine to cool down, remove the dipstick and use a cloth to wipe it clean
  3. Fully reinsert the dipstick
  4. The oil level must be between the minimum and maximum levels on the dipstick.

Check your tire pressure

Most people don’t know that your tires are responsible for 20% of your grand vitara fuel consumption? Not only will keeping an eye on your tire pressure optimize the fuel economy of your car, it will also ensure your safety while driving.

Check your lights

Suzuki Vitara lights

Another vital part of car maintenance for your new car is to ensure your lights are in top condition. Aside from this being a legal requirement, it is obviously a safety precaution.

It is easy to notice when your headlights are not taking a bit of a hit, it isn’t as easy to see when another light bulb might need some love, so checking on your lights should be part of your regular car maintenance routine.

Make sure to keep your car battery in good condition

Performing a quick inspection of your car battery, and giving it a bit of a clean at least once a year will prolong the life of your suzuki vitara and make sure it’s running at an optimal level.

Make sure to look for any dried, white acid on your battery and any grime or corrosion, this is a red flag for battery health.

Regularly change your windshield wipers

Maintaining good visibility on the road is essential to keeping both you and your grand vitara safe. If your wipers are showing any obvious damage, it’s vital that you replace them immediately.

Another important part of grand vitara maintenance is to make sure your wiper fluid always has a full tank. The washer fluid reservoir is located under the car bonnet and is marked with a symbol that indicates windshield wiper.


Get your car regularly detailed

Suzuki Vitara

In addition to washing your car regularly, a professional level auto detailing of your suzuki vitara can help restore your car to that brand new level and ensure any future wear and tear doesn’t happen.

Car detailing is a professional cleaning process that goes further than a regular car wash to help restore the interior and exterior of your car. A regular car wash will just clean your car, whereas a car detailing will get rid of those tough stains and blemishes, restoring your paint and interiors to look brand spanking new.


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